Insect Invasion: 5 Arkansas Cities Combatting Bed Bug Onslaught

Have you ever woken up in the itchy throes of a restless night, only to discover a trail of angry red welts adorning your skin? If so, you might have had an unwelcome encounter with bed bugs. These tiny, flat, parasitic insects are notorious for feeding on human blood, leaving itchy bites and causing a general sense of unease.

While bed bugs aren’t known to transmit diseases, their presence can significantly disrupt sleep, leading to stress, anxiety, and even insomnia. Additionally, the cost of eradicating a bed bug infestation can be substantial.

Unfortunately, the state of Arkansas is facing a growing problem with bed bug infestations. Five cities in particular have seen a significant surge in these unwanted guests. This article will delve into the situation in each city, explore the potential causes, and highlight the local efforts underway to combat this insect invasion.

Spotlight City #1: Little Rock – Big City, Big Bed Bug Problem

The capital city of Arkansas, Little Rock, finds itself at the forefront of the state’s bed bug battle. The bustling city, with its diverse population and high travel volume, creates a perfect breeding ground for these hitchhiking pests. Used furniture stores and apartment buildings have seen a rise in infestations, raising concerns about the ease with which bed bugs can spread.

Local pest control companies report a significant increase in bed bug treatment requests. To address this issue, the Little Rock Public Health Department launched a comprehensive educational campaign. This campaign focuses on informing residents about bed bug identification, prevention strategies, and proper treatment methods. Additionally, the department collaborates with local landlords and property management companies to develop effective bed bug control protocols.

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Resident’s Story: Sarah Jones and the Sleepless Nights

Sarah Jones, a resident of Little Rock, knows firsthand the disruption bed bugs can cause. “It started with a few itchy bites here and there,” she recounts. “I didn’t think much of it at first, but then the welts became more frequent and spread all over my arms and legs.” After a sleepless week, Sarah contacted her landlord, who arranged for a pest control inspection. The verdict? Bed bugs. “It was a nightmare,” Sarah recalls. “The whole apartment had to be treated, and we had to throw away so many things.” While the ordeal was stressful, Sarah is grateful for the support she received from her landlord and the resources provided by the Public Health Department.

Spotlight City #2: Fort Smith – Frontier Spirit Meets Modern Pest

Fort Smith, Arkansas, with its rich history and vibrant cultural scene, is another city grappling with a bed bug surge. The city’s proximity to major transportation routes and a rise in short-term rentals have likely contributed to the problem. Unlike Little Rock, Fort Smith has seen a higher concentration of infestations in single-family homes, which poses a unique challenge for control efforts.

The Fort Smith Housing Authority has taken a proactive approach, implementing a bed bug education program specifically targeted at low-income residents. The program emphasizes preventative measures like inspecting used furniture and regularly checking bedding for signs of bed bugs.

Spotlight City #3: Fayetteville – College Town on Bed Bug Alert

Fayetteville, Arkansas, home to the University of Arkansas, presents a unique challenge in the fight against bed bugs. The city’s large student population and high turnover rate in rental properties create ideal conditions for bed bug infestations to spread quickly. Dorm rooms, shared apartments, and off-campus housing are all potential hotspots for these pests.

The University of Arkansas Department of Residential Life has implemented a comprehensive bed bug prevention plan. This plan includes mandatory inspections of student dormitories before and after each semester. Additionally, the department provides educational materials to students about bed bug identification and prevention strategies. Local pest control companies also report a surge in calls from students facing bed bug infestations in their off-campus housing.

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Student’s Story: Michael Chen and the Dorm Dilemma

Michael Chen, a junior at the University of Arkansas, found himself facing a bed bug infestation during his second year. “It started with a couple of bites on my arm, but then my roommate started complaining about them too,” he explains. “We notified our RA right away, and they called in pest control.” The process was disruptive, requiring Michael and his roommate to temporarily relocate while their dorm room underwent treatment. However, Michael appreciates the proactive approach taken by the university. “It was inconvenient, but it’s better than letting the problem spread,” he says.

Spotlight City #4: Springdale – A Community on the Rise, Bed Bugs on the Move

Springdale, Arkansas, a growing city known for its poultry industry, is also experiencing a rise in bed bug infestations. The city’s mix of multi-unit housing complexes and single-family homes poses a challenge, as infestations can spread quickly in densely populated areas. Additionally, the transient nature of some jobs within the poultry industry might contribute to the spread of bed bugs through travel and used furniture.

The Springdale City Council has allocated additional funding to the city’s Department of Health for a multi-pronged approach to bed bug control. This approach includes:

  • Free public seminars on bed bug identification and prevention strategies.
  • Discounted bed bug treatment programs for low-income residents.
  • Collaboration with local apartment complexes to develop standardized bed bug prevention protocols.

Spotlight City #5: Jonesboro – A Delta Town Tackles Tiny Terrors

Jonesboro, Arkansas, located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, is another city facing a bed bug resurgence. The city’s hospitality industry, with its influx of travelers, and the presence of used furniture stores, are potential contributing factors. Unlike other cities on this list, Jonesboro has seen a rise in bed bug infestations in hotels and motels.

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To address this concern, the Jonesboro Hotel and Lodging Association has partnered with the Arkansas Department of Health to implement a mandatory bed bug inspection program for all member hotels. This program ensures regular inspections and adherence to strict bed bug prevention protocols. Additionally, the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce has launched a public awareness campaign focused on educating residents about bed bug risks associated with purchasing used furniture.

Taking Action: Tips for Arkansas Residents

Whether you live in Little Rock, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Springdale, Jonesboro, or any other city in Arkansas, it’s crucial to be aware of the bed bug threat and take preventative measures. Here are some actionable steps you can take:

  • Educate yourself: Learn to identify bed bugs and their signs (bites, shed skin, fecal matter).
  • Inspect regularly: Check your mattress, box spring, and furniture seams for signs of bed bugs at least once a month.
  • Be cautious with used furniture: Thoroughly inspect any used furniture before bringing it into your home.
  • Vacuum regularly: Pay close attention to areas around your bed and baseboards.
  • Encase your mattress and box spring: This can trap bed bugs and make them easier to eradicate.
  • Contact a professional: If you suspect a bed bug infestation, don’t hesitate to contact a licensed pest control company.



The bed bug problem in Arkansas is a serious concern, but it’s not insurmountable. By working together, communities, residents, and pest control professionals can effectively combat these unwelcome pests. Through education, preventative measures, and prompt action, we can reclaim our homes and hotels from these tiny terrors. Remember, a proactive approach is key to winning the battle against bed bugs. Let’s work together to ensure a good night’s sleep for all Arkansans.

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