“I Believe Them 100%,” Says a Nurse Practitioner Admittedly Helping Alleged Bahamas Assault Victims

Amber Shearer and Dongayla Dobson allege that during their day trip ashore from the Carnival Elation cruise ship, they were given drinks that were laced with drugs.

Ladonna Batty, a nurse who also went on the same day trip to the shore, has come forward to express her belief that the two women are telling the truth.

In a conversation with Inside Edition, Nicholas Gerson, the attorney representing Shearer and Dobson, shared his insights.

Gerson challenges those who have documentation or video footage that they believe undermines the credibility of these women’s accounts, urging them to present it and provide concrete evidence.

The U.S. State Department recently issued a level two advisory cautioning American tourists about the need to exercise increased caution while visiting the Bahamas due to crime.

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