Gwinnett County gang member receives life sentence for deadly robbery incident

A man from Lilburn, who has a criminal history associated with gangs, has been given a life sentence for taking the life of a man during a failed robbery.

On January 9, 2019, Leslie Smith, 62, made the journey to Norcross with the intention of purchasing a phone from an individual associated with what the police had labeled a “counterfeiting enterprise.”

Smith made the decision to forgo the scheduled meeting spot within the apartment complex and opted to wait in the parking lot of a retail strip mall located at 6065 S. Norcross Tucker Road.

Court documents reveal that Jordan Brantley, 27, drove up in an SUV and proceeded to enter the back seat of the vehicle Smith was occupying.

The SUV driver stood next to the driver’s side and took money and an ID from Leap at gunpoint. Then, he and Brantley escaped in the SUV.

After witnessing the shooting and robbery, a courageous individual decided to take action. They promptly followed the SUV involved in the incident and dialed 911 to report the ongoing situation.

The police were able to track Brantley to the Stone Mountain Inn and Suits, located about six miles away, using surveillance cameras. They arrested him while he was attempting to persuade a rideshare driver to assist him in fleeing.

Brantley and his SUV partner are both affiliated with the Gangster Disciples.

Brantley proudly displays tattoos on his face, including one on his forehead that serves as a symbol of his affiliation with the gang.

On Thursday, Brantley was found guilty of felony murder, along with two counts of aggravated assault, and violating the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act.

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The judge handed down a sentence of life imprisonment, along with an additional 10 years, allowing for the chance of parole.

After nine hours of deliberation, the jury finally reached their verdict.

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