Ex-Federal Prosecutor Claims Diddy-Cassie Video Damages His Case

An ex-federal prosecutor has shared her thoughts on the assault video involving Diddy, stating that while it may not be a definitive piece of evidence in the ongoing investigation, it certainly does not work in his favor.

In a recent interview on “TMZ Live,” we had the opportunity to speak with Katie Cherkasky, a seasoned expert in legal matters. With her extensive experience, she expressed her concerns regarding the viral video capturing Diddy engaging in physical violence against Cassie. According to Cherkasky, Diddy and his team should be worried about the implications of this video.

According to Katie, the tape adds credibility to Cassie in various aspects. Not only does it enhance her reputation in the public eye, but it also strengthens her position with the federal authorities who are currently investigating serious allegations against Diddy.

According to her, federal authorities will not pursue prosecution for the offenses shown in the video, specifically assault. However, she believes that this footage could potentially provide valuable leads for the ongoing investigation, aiding in the acquisition of additional evidence that could strengthen the case.

Keep in mind… Cassie stated in her lawsuit that one of Diddy’s supposed encounters happened at this very hotel during the same period as this incident. This suggests that investigators are likely eager to uncover any additional surveillance footage that could potentially substantiate her claim.

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According to Katie, prosecutors are currently focused on uncovering independent evidence to support the other allegations against him. However, she believes that the recently released footage has the potential to harm him, as it seems to partially contradict his denial.

TMZ was the first to report that Cassie is actively working with federal authorities as they delve into the sex trafficking investigation involving Diddy. This investigation has led to raids being conducted at both his Los Angeles and Miami residences.

Diddy took to social media last December to vehemently deny all of Cassie’s allegations, including the claim that he physically assaulted her at a hotel. However, recent developments suggest that Cassie was indeed telling the truth about this incident.


Not long after filing her explosive lawsuit against Diddy, both parties quickly reached a settlement. However, Diddy has remained silent on the matter, as his team has not made any statements regarding the new surveillance video.

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