Bill Maher Criticizes Steve-O’s Decision to Avoid Smoking Pot for an Interview Due to His Addiction Issues: ‘I’m Sorry You Can’t Join Us’

Bill Maher has addressed the recent claims made by Steve-O. During an episode of the “Wild Ride!” podcast, Steve-O revealed that he had declined an invitation to appear on Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast because Maher insisted on smoking weed during the interview, despite Steve-O being 16 years sober. On a new episode of “Club Random” featuring guest Tony Hawk, Maher acknowledges the truth behind the story but does not express any remorse for declining Steve-O’s request.

During a recent interview, Bill Maher addressed the comments made by Steve-O in the press. Maher expressed his disappointment and stated that he did not want to start a feud. He apologized if Steve-O felt slighted, but found it ridiculous that someone would suggest he give up smoking pot just because they have a problem with it. Maher concluded by saying, “If you can’t handle it, then I’m sorry you can’t be here.”

Maher emphasized that the “Club Random” podcast is his domain, and therefore, guests must adhere to his rules.

“I have another show already, called ‘Real Time.’ It airs on HBO and it’s definitely not about pot,” Maher explained. “This is a different kind of show. It’s just about shooting the breeze, and this is how I do it. I want the conversation to be as genuine as it can be. It’s like we’re having a normal conversation, without the cameras. And you even know where the cameras are. So, let’s keep that in mind.”

“I hold no grudge against any of these ‘Jackass’ individuals,” Maher stated. “I’ve seen all their movies and found them to be quite humorous.”

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During his “Club Random” podcast interviews, Maher is frequently seen smoking marijuana. Steve-O was initially surprised that Maher wouldn’t refrain from smoking weed for just one interview, especially considering that Steve-O had been on other podcasts where the host was a marijuana enthusiast but had agreed to respect his sobriety.

“I place a high priority on my sobriety as I have been clean and sober for nearly 16 years,” Steve-O shared on his podcast. “Maintaining my sobriety is of utmost importance to me, and I am extremely protective of my recovery. It was disheartening when the Bill Maher podcast invited me as a guest, but Bill insisted on smoking pot throughout the interview. I offered to participate on the condition that he refrains from smoking out of respect for my sobriety, but he declined, and that was a dealbreaker for me.”

As Steve-O’s story gained popularity on social media platforms, like X, last month, some users highlighted a previous instance where Maher had respected his guest’s boundaries regarding marijuana. When Sheryl Crow appeared on “Club Random,” Maher told her, “That’s when I need a joint… but I’d never light one up in front of you.” He made sure to refrain from smoking in her presence.

Tony Hawk’s interview with Maher on “Club Random” will be released on May 20th.

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