Fugitive known as ‘Bad Breath Rapist’ apprehended in Massachusetts after evading capture for almost two decades

After evading capture for almost 17 years, a notorious fugitive from Massachusetts, known as the “Bad Breath Rapist,” was finally caught in California on Tuesday. The successful apprehension was carried out by a team of U.S. Marshals and other dedicated law enforcement officials.

The Pacific Southwest Regional Fugitive Task Force (PSWRFTF) in Northern California, together with the Massachusetts Fugitive Task Force, successfully apprehended Tuen Kit Lee, aged 55, with the assistance of the Massachusetts State Police and Quincy Police Department, as announced by the Marshals on Tuesday.

In September 2007, Lee faced accusations of fleeing his trial. He had been found guilty by a jury of kidnapping and raping a woman in 2005. However, rather than facing sentencing, he chose to evade the authorities.

Several hours later, the victim’s boyfriend discovered her bound to the bed. He had become concerned when he couldn’t get in touch with her and decided to go to her home.

The perpetrator, Lee, was identified by the victim based on his bad breath, earning him the notorious nickname of the “Bad Breath Rapist” in the media.

Lee, who had been convicted of kidnapping and rape, managed to elude authorities and evade capture for quite some time. However, his whereabouts were finally discovered in a recent development.

According to Marshals, there was a tip received by the Massachusetts State Police suggesting that Lee might be residing in Diablo, California.

U.S. marshals in northern California were contacted by state police to investigate the tip, which led to the verification of Lee’s presence in the area. Consequently, on Tuesday morning, after a 16-year search, Lee was apprehended and taken into custody.

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Chief Inspector Sean LoPiccolo, the acting commander of the PSWRFTF, expressed his belief that there are violent offenders who think they can escape the consequences of their crimes. He emphasized the significance of capturing Tuen Lee, who had been evading the authorities for over 16 years. Chief Inspector LoPiccolo commended the unwavering dedication of law enforcement in locating and apprehending him, expressing hope that this would bring some solace to the victim and her family.

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