Attacker in Paul Pelosi case expresses remorse during resentencing hearing

During his resentencing hearing on Tuesday, the individual who was found guilty of breaking into the residence of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and assaulting her husband, Paul Pelosi, expressed remorse for his actions.

David DePape, 44, has been sentenced to another 30 years in federal prison for his involvement in the 2022 break-in and attack at the Pelosis’ San Francisco home, as reported by San Francisco ABC station KGO.

Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley originally sentenced DePape to 30 years in federal prison on May 17. However, the sentencing was later reopened when prosecutors realized that DePape had never been given the chance to address the court during the hearing.

Corley expressed her apologies to DePape on Tuesday, acknowledging her oversight and stating, “I deeply regret my mistake.” She assured him that she would carefully consider any input he provided to the court in order to determine a suitable sentence, as reported by KGO.

During the court proceedings, DePape took the opportunity to express his remorse and offer an apology to Paul. He candidly admitted feeling “horrible” about the actions he had taken, as reported by KGO.

According to KGO, he expressed remorse for his actions, particularly towards Paul Pelosi, stating, “I deeply regret what I did and especially the harm I caused to Paul Pelosi. I should have made the decision to leave the house as soon as I realized that Nancy Pelosi was not present.”

According to KGO, Corley decided to impose the same sentence on DePape once again, emphasizing the gravity of his offenses and the importance of establishing a precedent.

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In November 2023, a jury convicted DePape of attempting to kidnap a federal officer or employee and assaulting a family member of a federal official.

The defense attorneys wasted no time and promptly filed a brief notice of appeal right after his initial sentencing on May 17th.

During the trial, DePape confessed that his intention was to locate Nancy Pelosi and confront her regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election. His plan involved holding her hostage, but when he broke into the residence on October 28, 2022, only Paul Pelosi was present.

During the federal trial, Paul Pelosi testified that he was repeatedly asked by DePape, “Where is Nancy?”

During the federal trial, DePape expressed remorse for the injury inflicted upon the individual, stating, “I’m sorry that he got hurt.” He further explained that his reaction was a result of his plan being effectively ruined.

Officers who responded to the scene captured the incident on police body camera video.

Paul Pelosi spent six days in the hospital after he suffered a skull fracture and severe injuries to his right arm and hands. During his stay, he underwent surgery to repair the fracture and address the damage to his arm and hands.

Jury selection in the case of DePape, who also faces state charges in the attack, began last week.

He faced multiple charges in the state case, including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, residential burglary, elder abuse, false imprisonment, and threatening the life or serious bodily harm to a public official. However, he pleaded not guilty to all these charges.

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