Four Rochester police officers harmed while dispersing large gathering of dirt bikes

Four Rochester police officers sustained injuries while trying to disperse a large group of dirt bikes on Sunday evening in Rochester, N.Y.

Officers were called to the area of East Main Street and Arch Street at approximately 4:50 p.m. in response to a group of individuals engaging in reckless behavior. The group was seen driving a 4-wheeler, dirt bike, and mopeds in a reckless manner within a parking lot on East Main Street.

As officers approached the group, one individual reportedly purposefully struck an officer, leading to an escalation in the group’s reckless behavior.

Assisted by additional officers, the New York State Police also provided support during the incident. During the course of the operation, four Rochester police officers sustained injuries, fortunately, all of which were non-life-threatening.

Authorities apprehended two individuals and successfully retrieved a single handgun. Furthermore, they impounded multiple dirt bikes and mopeds due to various violations.

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