Woman with Bloody Face Causes Police Chase by Crashing into Oncoming Traffic on Los Angeles Freeway

Early Friday morning, Los Angeles police officers arrested a driver who led them on a thrilling chase through the city streets and onto the freeway. The pursuit came to a dramatic conclusion with a violent crash.

According to reports, the incident began in the Santa Monica area when police officers attempted to pull over a woman. However, it became apparent that she had no intention of stopping, leading to the involvement of additional law enforcement personnel as she continued to drive.

The pursuit went on for quite some time, and as it became more unpredictable, more news helicopters showed up to document the event. At one point, the chase even made its way onto the busy 405 freeway.

The LAPD made several attempts at using pit maneuvers to stop the lady driving the large white van. However, none of these tactics were successful in bringing the van to a halt. The lady continued to evade the officers and skillfully avoided all their on-road strategies. This police chase has been noted as one of the most remarkable and insane incidents in recent memory.

The woman caused complete chaos by abruptly making a U-turn on the freeway and driving in the opposite direction. She boldly maneuvered down the empty road, heading straight into oncoming traffic. The authorities had already cleared the area due to the potential danger, causing a complete standstill.

As fate would have it, she eventually reached the halted cars… and collided head-on with a sedan, followed by a collision with a semi-truck behind it. This chain reaction caused her to bump into several other vehicles in the process.

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This unique mugshot is one that won’t easily be forgotten. The woman in the photo certainly has a captivating personality. Although her exact charges are still unknown, it has been confirmed that she will be going to jail.

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