Former producer of ‘The Apprentice’ alleges Trump used racial slur while discussing Black contestant

According to a former producer on “The Apprentice,” there are allegations that former President Donald Trump used a racial slur during a recorded conversation about a Black contestant potentially winning the show’s inaugural season.

Bill Pruitt, one of the four producers during the first two seasons of the NBC reality TV show, revealed in an article for Slate that he is finally able to speak out about his experiences. Pruitt stated that the non-disclosure agreement he signed at the time has expired this year, giving him the freedom to share his insights.

The author asserts that the competition reality show deliberately deceived viewers about Trump, distorting his wealth, stature, character, and intentions. This calculated manipulation resulted in an American fraud of unprecedented proportions, exceeding the expectations of its creators.

According to Pruitt’s account, there was minimal interaction with Trump during the show. He describes the former president as fixating on female crew members, observing them with an intense gaze akin to a hungry lion. Pruitt also claims that Trump would leer at a female camera assistant and assess the appearance of a female contestant, seemingly unaware of who might be listening. Additionally, Trump allegedly instructed a female camera operator to exit an elevator where she was about to film him, citing her weight as the reason.

By the end of the first season, there were only two contestants left: Kwame Jackson, an African American working as a broker for Goldman Sachs, and Bill Rancic, a white entrepreneur in the cigar business.

Trump assigned tasks to each of them at his properties. Jackson and former contestant Omarosa Manigault Newman joined forces to organize a benefit concert with Jessica Simpson at Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City. Meanwhile, Rancic took charge of a celebrity golf tournament at Trump National Golf Club in Briarcliff Manor, New York.

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In the boardroom, Carolyn Kepcher, who managed the hospitality units and one of Mr. Trump’s golf clubs, observed Jackson overcoming more obstacles than Rancic.

According to Pruitt, she expressed her belief that Kwame would make a valuable contribution to the organization.

According to the former producer, Trump displayed visible discomfort as he listened, with his head moving in response to what he heard, while also showing clear resistance.

“Why didn’t he just fire her?” Trump questioned, referring to Newman, who later joined him in the White House.

According to the producer, showrunner Jay Bienstock informed Mr. Trump, “That’s not his job. That’s yours.”

Kepcher responded by saying, “I don’t believe he was aware of his own capabilities to accomplish that.”

“Yeah, but, I mean, would America be open to a person of color winning?” Trump reportedly questioned.

According to Pruitt, Kepcher’s complexion turns a bright red, and I shift my attention to Trump who is visibly wincing. He appears resolute and unyielding in his decision not to hire Jackson.

According to Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for Trump, he categorically denies the validity of this story, calling it completely fabricated and false. Cheung further adds that this story has already been circulated in 2016, suggesting that it is nothing more than a baseless rumor.

In response, he stated, “No one gave it any credibility back then, and they certainly won’t now because it’s all just fake news. It’s clear that Crooked Joe Biden and the Democrats are resorting to dredging up old fabricated stories from the past out of sheer desperation as they continue to lose the election.”

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In the past, Trump has also disputed this account, asserting on social media in 2018 that the show’s executive producer had supposedly informed him that “there are no recordings of The Apprentice where I uttered such a dreadful and offensive word.”

He emphasized, “That word has never been a part of my vocabulary.”

In response to Newman’s claim that he repeatedly used the n-word during the filming of The Apprentice, Trump provided a response.

After his tenure in the White House, Newman openly criticized Trump, expressing in her book “Unhinged” that his mental capabilities were declining and that he was ill-suited for the highest position.

In August 2018, she mentioned to NPR that she had personally listened to the tape in question.

She expressed that the moment she heard it, everything in her life underwent a significant transformation.

According to Pruitt, the reality behind the program was quite different from what was portrayed. He reveals that there were numerous scams and deceitful practices involved. The racist and misogynistic comments made by the host went unheard, and the alleged cheating, bluffing, and even the incident where his hair flew off in the wind were all carefully hidden. Pruitt now believes that those tapes, which could expose the truth, will never see the light of day.

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