‘Bad Breath Rapist’ arrested across the country after 16 years on the run

Authorities have apprehended the notorious “Bad Breath Rapist,” a convicted rapist who had been on the run for over 16 years since escaping Massachusetts.

In a statement, the police revealed that the suspect was ultimately identified through DNA analysis and his distinctively unpleasant breath, which earned him the nickname “The Bad Breath Rapist.”

According to the U.S. Marshals Service, Lee was found guilty of rape and kidnapping in 2007 by a jury. However, he had already fled the state at that time, as reported by authorities.

Authorities spent years searching for Lee, devoting countless hours to the investigation, according to police. In their quest to apprehend him, detectives even featured the case on the popular TV show “America’s Most Wanted.”

In a recent development, authorities have focused their attention on a luxurious residence located in Diablo, California. This multimillion-dollar home, owned by a woman, has become the center of attention for the police. The property is situated approximately 25 miles east of Oakland, making it a significant point of interest in the ongoing investigation.

On Tuesday, authorities observed Lee and a woman departing from the residence, and subsequently conducted a traffic stop on their vehicle, as per police reports.

Authorities initially received false information from Lee, according to state police. However, he eventually confessed his real name, which was verified through fingerprint analysis.

According to state police, his female companion, who had been with him in California for 15 years, was unaware of his true identity.

“In a statement, Chief Inspector Sean LoPiccolo, acting commander of the U.S. Marshals Service Pacific Southwest Regional Fugitive Task Force, expressed his satisfaction with the arrest of Tuen Lee after more than 16 years on the run. He emphasized the unwavering dedication of law enforcement in locating and apprehending Lee, hoping that this development brings peace of mind to the victim and her family.”

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