Former patient identified as suspect in deadly shooting at dentist’s office, say authorities

According to the police, the individual who initiated a shooting incident at a dental office near San Diego has been identified as a “disgruntled” former patient. The authorities revealed that the individual had legally obtained a firearm two weeks prior to the incident.

At 4:14 p.m. on Thursday, a sudden burst of gunfire broke out inside the practice located at 480 N. Magnolia Ave. in El Cajon. Responding police officers arrived at the scene to discover that two men and a woman had been shot, as confirmed by officials.

The suspected shooter, Mohammed Abdulkareem, a 29-year-old resident of El Cajon, escaped in a U-Haul pickup truck that he had rented before being apprehended by authorities.

According to the police, they have found out that Abdulkareem used to be a patient at the dental office. They are still investigating the exact motive behind the shooting, but they believe that Abdulkareem was a dissatisfied former customer.

The El Cajon police stated on Friday that although the investigation is still in its early stages, they want to emphasize that there is no evidence suggesting that the attack was racially or politically motivated.

Police were able to swiftly locate the U-Haul rental agency and identify the getaway vehicle, thanks to eyewitness accounts. A vigilant bystander spotted the vehicle about 15 miles southwest of the crime scene in San Diego.

Abdulkareem was captured by the police without any trouble in the vicinity shortly after they discovered that the truck was empty.

According to the police, the suspect was in possession of a loaded handgun and multiple loaded handgun magazines. Records indicated that the suspect had legally purchased the weapon just two weeks prior.

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The Chabad of Downtown San Diego fondly remembers Harouni as a remarkable, compassionate, and promising young man with a bright future ahead of him.

According to the Chabad of Downtown San Diego, Harouni recently became a part of his family’s dental practice in San Diego. His parents had moved from Sacramento and established a successful chain of dental offices in the city.

Abdulkareem is currently in custody on Friday, as he has been booked on suspicion of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder, according to jail records.

The defendant’s court hearing was set for Tuesday, and as of Friday, it remained uncertain whether he had retained legal counsel or been appointed a defense lawyer.

According to Anwer Abdulkareem, the brother of the suspect, the alleged shooter had been displaying worrying behavior in the past few months, and despite the family’s efforts, they were unable to persuade him to seek treatment.

“He required assistance,” the brother informed NBC News on Friday evening. “He was plagued by fear and paranoia, believing that everyone was pursuing him. He believed there was a gang, a cartel after him. He was experiencing hallucinations and perceiving things that were non-existent.”

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