Robert F. Kennedy Jr. selects attorney Nicole Shanahan as his vice-presidential candidate

Independent presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., announced his running mate on Tuesday. He selected lawyer Nicole Shanahan, praising her positions and previous efforts on important matters such as children’s health outcomes and artificial intelligence. Kennedy emphasized that their partnership will provide an alternative option for the disillusioned voters who are unenthused about a Donald Trump-Joe Biden rematch.

Addressing a crowd of enthusiastic supporters at an expansive auditorium in Oakland, Kennedy playfully kept the audience in suspense as he hinted at his selection, all the while praising Shanahan without explicitly mentioning her name.

“I found the ideal candidate as my vice president, someone who shares my enthusiasm for nourishing and organic food, promoting regenerative agriculture, and prioritizing healthy soils,” expressed the former environmental lawyer. “It was a perfect match.”

“I’m seeking a partner who possesses firm convictions on how to combat these grave challenges to democracy and our liberties. I’ve come across a trailblazing technologist in the field of AI,” he remarked, while highlighting Shanahan’s notable contributions in the realm of artificial intelligence.

According to Kennedy, he was looking for an “athlete” (highlighting Shanahan’s surfing background) and, more importantly, a “young person” who could mobilize and engage the supporters who resonate with Kennedy the most: the younger generation.

According to him, it is crucial to select a young running mate. Shanahan, who is 38 years old, is a lawyer and tech entrepreneur based in the Bay Area.

“I am incredibly proud to present to you the future vice president of the United States, Nicole Shanahan. She is not only a fellow lawyer, but also an exceptional scientist, technologist, and a dedicated warrior mom,” Kennedy enthusiastically announced.

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Shanahan shared her inspiring journey from growing up in poverty in Oakland to achieving a series of remarkable professional accomplishments.

In 2020, she went through a challenging experience when she discovered that her 10-month-old daughter had autism.

Shanahan seemed to suggest that the diagnosis was due to environmental factors, as she shared the anecdote to highlight the various factors that she believes contribute to chronic disease in children. (Kennedy has faced criticism for his unfounded claims regarding the link between vaccines and autism.)

During her time on stage, Shanahan shared that her support for Kennedy was sparked by a friend who encouraged her to listen to an interview with him.

She said, “I listened to another interview, and then another one, and what I noticed was that the person I saw in these interviews was completely different from the way the media had portrayed his character.”

As Joseph Piazza, a 60-year-old attendee, was leaving, he expressed his belief to ABC News that Kennedy’s selection of Shanahan was “excellent in many ways.”

According to him, she and Kennedy offer a fascinating contrast in generation while remaining true to their fundamental principles.

Emery Barter, a 40-year-old musician, expressed his optimism regarding Shanahan.

According to Barter, the chosen candidate addresses significant concerns and speaks on important matters. Barter expressed doubt that any other potential running mate options could have conveyed the same level of relevance.

Barter mentioned that those would have been attention-grabbers.

Kennedy has announced his decision after thoroughly evaluating a diverse range of prominent individuals. This includes renowned figures such as New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura, and television host Mike Rowe.

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