Five people were injured in a shooting outside a Detroit blues club over a parking place dispute, police say

In the early hours of Friday morning, a shooting incident occurred outside a bar in west Detroit, leaving five people wounded. According to police, the altercation that led to the shooting was sparked by an argument over a parking spot.

According to the Detroit Police Department, the incident took place outside a blues club and escalated into a physical altercation. Subsequently, a male suspect departed momentarily and then returned brandishing a firearm. This information was confirmed to USA TODAY.

Assistant Police Chief Charles Fitzgerald expressed his disbelief and frustration as he addressed reporters, stating, “He returned with a gun, as cowards often do, and indiscriminately fired at the crowd. It is truly senseless and utterly ridiculous.”

According to Fitzgerald, the age of the five injured individuals varied from 33 to 49. They were promptly taken to nearby hospitals for medical attention, and fortunately, all of them are expected to recover from their injuries.

Surveillance video shows shooter flee scene in dark SUV

At 2:45 p.m., Detroit police were dispatched to the parking lot of a blues bar following the occurrence of a shooting.

The suspect was caught on surveillance footage, where he can be seen firing a handgun before making a quick getaway in a dark-colored sports-utility vehicle. According to Fitzgerald, the police have identified the vehicle as a Hyundai. He shared this information during a media briefing on Friday morning, accompanied by a video of the incident that was provided to USA TODAY.

During the investigation, witnesses were interviewed by detectives to ascertain the cause of the shooting. It was revealed that the incident originated from an argument and subsequent fight that occurred outside the bar. The dispute had erupted over a parking spot, according to Fitzgerald.

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According to Fitzgerald, the police are still conducting their investigation, but they believe that one of the victims may have been participating in the fight, while the other four were innocent bystanders. It is believed that the shooter acted alone, and upon searching the area, the officers discovered around seven or eight casings in the parking lot.

Fitzgerald expressed his disbelief at the incident, stating that it was absurd for five individuals to be shot over a mere parking spot.

Detroit blues club was not supposed to be open

Police have stated that the blues club should not have been open as it does not possess the necessary permit for extended hours.

Fitzgerald stated that the police will be conducting an investigation into the reason why the club was open.

Fitzgerald pointed out that the blues club should not have been open at 2:45, especially when there was an argument over a parking spot.

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