First American Woman Ever to Sail Solo Around the Globe, Breaking Records at 29 Years Old

Cole Brauer, a remarkable individual, has achieved an extraordinary feat – becoming the first American woman to sail solo around the world. The 29-year-old from East Hampton, who competed in the Global Solo Challenge, secured an impressive second place with her boat named “First Light.” Beginning her journey in Spain, Cole spent an astounding 130 days navigating the open waters, covering a staggering distance of approximately 30,000 miles without any stops. Upon her triumphant return, her loved ones and supporters gathered to celebrate her remarkable accomplishment.

According to a report by TODAY, Cole Brauer achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the sole woman to complete the Global Solo Challenge, making her the youngest competitor in the race. It is noteworthy that more than half of the experienced sailors who participated in the challenge dropped out before reaching the finish line.

Cole Brauer Has a Message for Other Groundbreaking Women

Cole Brauer chronicled her adventure on Instagram, sharing her advancements and responding to numerous inquiries about sailing. One of her highly acclaimed videos featured a heartfelt tribute to her fellow trailblazing women on Valentine’s Day. While sailing around the globe, she aimed to inspire others by reminding them that they need not adhere to societal expectations based on their gender.

According to Adam Fine, Cole Brauer’s former principal, it came as no surprise to him when he learned that she was sailing around the world solo. He mentioned that she had always shown immense bravery, even back in high school. In fact, Fine shared a story of how she once sprang into action to assist a stranger involved in a car accident. It seems that Brauer’s teachers had a strong belief in her abilities and potential.

Adam shared with NBC New York how her actions during the accident reflect her fearless and helpful personality. He admires her ability to remain calm and assist others in times of need. Adam further explained that when he sees videos of her confidently administering her own IV, he is reassured of her capability to handle challenging situations.

Cole Brauer is not like many people who can boast about sailing around the world solo. She has achieved this incredible feat and, what’s more, she holds the distinction of being the first American woman to accomplish this remarkable journey.

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