Fani Willis pledges nothing ‘will derail’ trial for Trump’s election interference

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has made a firm commitment to take the case against former President Donald Trump’s alleged interference in the Georgia election to trial. In a letter addressed to House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, Willis asserts that her office has fully adhered to a congressional subpoena pertaining to a federal funding investigation.

In a letter sent on Monday, Willis made it clear that her staff and she remain undeterred in their pursuit of bringing the election interference prosecution to trial. She affirmed that nothing will hinder their efforts, and they are determined to let a jury of Fulton County citizens decide the guilt or innocence of the defendants.

In February, the House Judiciary Committee, led by the GOP, issued a subpoena to Willis for documents pertaining to her office’s utilization of federal funds designated for the support of at-risk youth. ABC News has obtained a copy of the subpoena.

Earlier this month, Jordan issued a warning to Willis’ office, stating that if they did not provide the requested documents by March 28, he would be compelled to take additional measures, including initiating contempt of Congress proceedings.

In her response letter to Jordan, Willis firmly rejected the claim that her office is failing to comply with the subpoena.

Willis stated that her office would provide additional information. However, she disagreed with the notion that all the requested materials could be turned over within the next day.

She objected to the demand, stating that it was unreasonable and not in line with customary practices. Additionally, she emphasized that fulfilling this request would divert resources from their main focus of prosecuting crime.

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In the coming weeks, Willis announced that her office is planning to provide another batch of production records.

“I want to make it clear that we are complying with your subpoena in good faith and with careful attention. However, we cannot allocate resources that would compromise our responsibility to the people of Fulton County in prosecuting serious crimes committed within our jurisdiction,” stated Willis firmly. “We refuse to impede the efforts of our office to combat criminal activities, such as gang-related offenses, violent acts, and instances of public corruption, simply to meet unreasonable deadlines set by your politically driven ‘investigation’ into our office.”

In a heartfelt message, she expressed the distressing reality of facing constant threats and attacks directed towards her family, staff, and herself. These menacing incidents often took a violent and racist nature, a deeply concerning situation. Undeterred by these challenges, she made it clear that neither the threats nor the actions of her colleagues would hinder her from carrying out her duty to bring the case to trial.

Last August, Trump and 18 other individuals entered not guilty pleas to a comprehensive racketeering indictment. The indictment accused them of making concerted efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Following this, four defendants chose to take plea deals in order to testify against the remaining defendants.

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