Donald Trump’s lawyer expresses surprise at the former president’s serious response to the verdict.

Todd Blanche, Donald Trump’s lawyer, expressed his surprise at the former president’s calm demeanor as he heard the verdict that marked him as the first ex-U.S. president to be convicted of a crime. Blanche was seated to Trump’s left in the Manhattan courtroom when the jury foreman repeated the word “guilty” 34 times.

Blanche expressed her astonishment at the way he reacted to the verdict. She observed that he remained composed and showed a sense of solemnity, which made her proud to be by his side during that moment. Blanche also mentioned that she believed Trump continued to handle himself admirably on the following day, despite his criticism of the unfairness of the trial.

Blanche, the lead attorney for Trump in both the New York case and his federal criminal case in Florida, acknowledged that Trump is not pleased with the conviction. However, she emphasized that it is not uncommon for defendants to feel unhappy about such outcomes. Blanche expressed confidence in their ability to continue fighting and work towards rectifying the situation.

A group of twelve New Yorkers found Trump guilty on all charges of falsifying business records, a serious crime that could result in imprisonment, probation, or a hefty fine. When the foreman announced the verdict, Trump showed a slight shake of his head, but he saved his frustration until after leaving the courtroom. Trump has made it clear that he intends to appeal the decision.

In a conversation with reporters on Friday, Trump depicted himself as a target of an unfair trial, alleging that Democrats had orchestrated it to hinder his presidential campaign. Responding to this, President Joe Biden criticized such claims, stating that it is reckless, dangerous, and irresponsible to label the trial as rigged simply because one disagrees with the verdict.

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Blanche disagreed with Biden’s remarks, arguing that it is understandable for Trump to perceive that the law is being unfairly utilized against him. Blanche pointed out the three additional criminal cases that Trump is facing, including accusations of attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election in Georgia and Washington, as well as the charge of illegally possessing classified records in Florida after leaving the White House.

Blanche, a former federal prosecutor who left his job at an elite law firm to represent Trump, expresses his unwavering belief in the justice system. He emphasizes that one case should not alter anyone’s perspective on the entire system. However, he poses a hypothetical scenario, suggesting that if one were in Donald J. Trump’s position with four indictments, it would be understandable to feel that the system may be rigged.

Blanche believes that it is important to not dismiss allegations of a rigged system and to continue showing up at indicted cases. She argues that acknowledging the existence of potential problems and working towards improving the system is a necessary step. Blanche does not perceive this approach as dangerous but rather as a way to make the system better.

The verdict was reached by the jury at approximately 4:20 p.m. on Thursday, a moment that seemed to signal that deliberations were about to enter a third day. Judge Juan M. Merchan had returned to the courtroom just minutes before to inform the jurors that if they were unable to reach a decision, they would be dismissed for the evening at 4:30 p.m.

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Trial attorney Blanche, who has had extensive experience with trials and verdicts, expressed her surprise at the timing of a recent trial outcome. She shared, “I’ve been through many trials, but this one caught me off guard. We were all prepared to wrap things up and head home. However, it became evident that the jurors were determined to continue deliberating. There were no prior indications, but then they submitted a rather complex note regarding testimony and requested the charge to be read back to them. It was clear that this jury was committed for the long haul.”

Blanche and Trump sat at the defense table, engaged in a pleasant conversation while waiting for what they believed to be the final minutes of the court day.

“We were in the process of preparing ourselves mentally,” Blanche explained. “The deliberation phase can be quite stressful for everyone involved, especially President Trump. So, we were working on ensuring that his mindset was in the right place, that everything was progressing as expected. And then, out of the blue, the judge announced that a verdict had been reached.”

When questioned about his approach to the case, Blanche expressed confidence in the efforts made by the defense team.

Blanche stated that the ultimate decision not to testify rested with the former president, Trump.

“He was definitely eager to testify,” Blanche revealed. However, she mentioned that they were aware of the fact that prosecutors would have the opportunity to cross-examine Trump on complex matters that are currently under legal appeals.”

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Blanche explained that if he had testified, there would have been numerous distractions that could have posed a challenge for him. Given his status as the elected president and his campaign for re-election, he has a strong ability to connect with people, voters, and potentially a jury. However, the decision to not testify was not as straightforward as it may seem.

Prosecutors could have questioned Trump about various matters, including a pending $455 million judgment against him in a fraud lawsuit filed by New York’s attorney general. Additionally, they could have inquired about the lawsuits brought by E. Jean Carroll, who accused Trump of sexual assault, and other judgments against him.

Blanche admitted that there was a possibility of Trump being sentenced to jail time.

Blanche expressed her belief that it would be extraordinary to imprison a 77-year-old for a case like this. She pointed out that it is a first-time offense and added that considering the individual’s status as the former president of the United States, such a scenario is almost unheard of.

Blanche emphasized that this particular case has received extensive publicity. Some individuals may argue that Trump should receive a more severe punishment due to facing charges in other jurisdictions. Blanche anticipates a contentious sentencing hearing, during which they will strongly advocate for a non-incarceratory sentence.

The sentencing for Trump has been scheduled for July 11.

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