Battleground voters weigh in on how Trump’s guilty verdict could impact 2024

Voters in several key battleground states had a range of reactions to the guilty verdict of former President Donald Trump in New York. Many expressed disgust at his conduct and anger towards the court, while also feeling uncertain about the charges he faced in the hush money trial.

According to NBC News, over 30 voters in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have expressed varying opinions on the potential outcomes following the verdict. While some believe that it will harm the former president’s chances in the 2024 election, a few others think it could actually work in his favor. However, there are also those who believe that public perception of Trump has become so entrenched over the past eight years that very few people would be swayed one way or the other by this verdict.

“I think it’s possible that the trial could have an impact on the race, but it’s tricky when it comes to him,” expressed Jamyiah Reed, a 21-year-old resident of Phoenix who is currently undecided on her 2024 vote. She acknowledged that Trump has a significant number of loyal supporters who hold firm beliefs in supporting him. Reed further commented, “I don’t believe that the trial will change their support for him… It’s unfortunate to say, but some of his supporters view him as almost godlike.”

Many voters who spoke with NBC News were still unaware of the details of the trial, even though Trump’s guilty verdict reached beyond the usual news-following circles.

“I don’t really know the exact charges Trump is facing in New York,” admitted 28-year-old Jalil Gray from Mesa, Arizona. Gray, who had supported Trump in both the 2016 and 2020 elections, believes that Trump’s past actions could potentially harm his chances in 2024. As a result, Gray is currently undecided about his support for the former president.”

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Gray expressed his nonchalant attitude towards the charges faced by Trump, stating, “I’m just an ordinary person living my life, working, earning my income, and going back home. Whatever he does, it’s his own business.”

Koda Furman, a resident of Kenosha, Wisconsin, has no intention of voting at the moment. Furman came across some memes on TikTok that mentioned Donald Trump’s recent legal troubles. Furman stated, “I was just scrolling through TikTok when I saw these memes about what happened with Donald Trump and the court. It seems like he got caught up in something.”

Trump supporters pointed out that his legal issues in 2023, which involved indictments in New York and three other jurisdictions for alleged mishandling of classified documents and conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election results, actually had a positive impact on his popularity in the GOP primary.

“It could actually strengthen their support for him, considering all the challenges he has faced,” expressed Barbara Bennett, an 83-year-old retired nurse assistant in Phoenix, who intends to vote for Trump for the third time. “Although there may be certain aspects of his personality that I don’t particularly appreciate, I truly admired his time in office.”

“I believe it will have negative consequences, I truly do,” expressed Roland Grap, a Pittsburgh resident and dedicated supporter of Trump. “The majority of individuals prefer to be in control of their own decisions rather than relying on a court in New York to make those decisions for them.”

Emani L., a 32-year-old resident of Clayton County in Georgia, shared that he was compelled to show his support for Trump.

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Emani, a young Black individual, expressed his support for Donald Trump despite being a felon. According to Emani, Trump is relatable to people like him and his past actions and current circumstances do not affect his perception as a successful businessman. Emani stated, “What he did in the past, what he got going on, don’t have anything to do with his business side. He’s a good businessman. So I’d vote for him.”

A fellow Arizona voter who previously endorsed Trump shared similar sentiments.

Muhammad Fauzail, a 34-year-old voter from Decatur, Georgia, is currently pondering over his vote. He is carefully weighing his concerns regarding Biden’s Israel policy against his distaste for Trump and the belief that Trump’s behavior brought embarrassment to the nation.

Fauzail expressed his thoughts on the current situation, acknowledging that they will have to make do with the available options. He recognized that either Biden or Trump will become the president, emphasizing the reality they are faced with.

“I would likely choose Biden because I believe that Trump would handle the situation in Gaza similarly, but he would have a more negative impact on America domestically,” Fauzail expressed.

Noah F., a Gwinnett County, Georgia resident who voted for Biden in 2020, shared his thoughts on the guilty verdict against Trump. He expressed his indifference towards both Biden and Trump and stated that he has no intention of voting for either of them. Noah commented, “Honestly, what does it change? He got convicted. I mean, he’s still going to run for office… So many people are behind him. I don’t see him losing regardless of the verdict.”

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Many voters found it easier to discuss the potential impact of the case rather than delve into its intricate details. They pointed out that Trump’s actions over the past decade have sparked considerable controversy, making it a more familiar and accessible topic for discussion.

Reed, a resident of Phoenix, expressed his lack of knowledge regarding the 34 counts. In his words, “He’s got a lot going on. It’s always something from this to that.”

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