Disney Upfront Features Trailers for Marvel’s ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ and ‘Ironheart’, Alongside Exciting Announcements from Bob Iger and ‘The Bear’ Season 3

Disney’s 2024 upfront presentation to advertisers on Tuesday revolved around the theme of “connections.” This theme was highlighted by a running bit featuring Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, where they continuously replayed a five-second ad spot with a Disneyified logo and voiceover that exclaimed “Connections!” The presentation aimed to emphasize the importance of connections in the entertainment industry.

The symbol of unity across Disney’s brands consisted of a multitude of exciting announcements. Marvel, in particular, unveiled a range of highly anticipated projects. Other notable highlights included updates on “Star Wars,” “The Bear,” “Only Murders in the Building,” the sequel series to “Wizards of Waverly Place,” “9-1-1,” Ryan Murphy’s latest FX titles, and several franchises featuring intersecting talent.

Disney launched the event with a bang, as Emma Stone, the Oscar-winning star of “Cruella,” introduced Bob Iger, the head honcho of the Mouse House. In the past, such a task would have typically been delegated to a top ABC star. This move by Disney demonstrates that the upfronts are no longer solely focused on television, as they now incorporate film talent like Stone and Reynolds.

CEO Iger made his first appearance at an ABC upfront presentation in 30 years when he took the stage at the Javits Center in New York City.

Bob Iger, the CEO of the company, kicked off the presentation by expressing his excitement about the incredible projects they have been working on. He humorously mentioned that Jimmy Kimmel would probably tear apart these projects, including himself. Iger wanted to be a part of this presentation for two reasons. Firstly, he wanted to express his gratitude towards the talented creative individuals who make their businesses inspiring, exciting, and rewarding. Secondly, he wanted to share his tremendous optimism. Interestingly, the last time he appeared on stage at an upfront event was 30 years ago when he was the head of ABC Entertainment.

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During his speech, he reflected on the evolution of the business and the significant changes that have occurred in the last thirty years. He acknowledged the shift in the way people consume television, highlighting how the traditional television set has been replaced by various digital platforms. However, he emphasized that the key to success in the industry remains the same: telling compelling stories. Disney has always been known for its exceptional storytelling, and this tradition continues with a diverse range of creative projects featuring top-notch talent.

Disney’s ad sales chief, Rita Ferro, took the stage to captivate the Madison Avenue audience. She made a memorable entrance by appearing as a cartoon character in an animated sketch alongside Brian and Peter from the popular show “Family Guy.” After the entertaining introduction, Rita Ferro then appeared in person, showcasing her real-life self. Her presence on stage added a touch of authenticity and excitement to the event.

Ryan Reynolds, the beloved star of “Deadpool,” made a memorable appearance to promote Marvel’s “Deadpool & Wolverine” and the exciting news of Season 4 renewal for his FX docuseries “Welcome to Wrexham.” Alongside his fellow executive producer and co-star Rob McElhenney, Reynolds took the opportunity to remind everyone of his humble beginnings on ABC’s TGIF comedy “Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place” over twenty years ago. Notably, he emphasized the importance of “connections” in his journey to success.

During the presentation, Reynolds emphasized the theme of connections and highlighted his extensive network. He expressed his desire to emphasize this point further and introduced a Disney-themed logo. The audience was then shown a video clip that vividly conveyed the concept of connections. Reynolds acknowledged that many people primarily recognize him for his marketing work but revealed that he actually got his big break 26 years ago on an ABC midseason replacement show called “Two Guys, a Girl and A Pizza Place” alongside the talented Nathan Fillion.

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Fillion made a grand entrance on stage alongside the iconic “Star Wars” character Chewbacca. The actor delighted the audience with a series of witty and pun-filled jokes that cleverly blended the world of wookiees with his own show, “The Rookie.” Afterward, Fillion introduced the talented team behind the highly anticipated Disney+ series, “The Acolyte,” including creator Leslye Headland and star Amandla Stenberg. Together, they treated the audience to an exclusive teaser that left everyone eager for more.

During a dedicated segment, Marvel took center stage as the casts of three highly anticipated Disney+ TV series, namely “Daredevil: Born Again,” “Agatha All Along,” and “Ironheart,” unveiled exciting teasers for their respective MCU shows.

Selena Gomez took the stage to pump up the crowd with excitement about the upcoming “Wizards of Waverly Place” sequel series, “Wizards Beyond Waverly Place.” Before that, she had to reassure her co-stars from “Only Murders in the Building,” Steve Martin and Martin Short, that this new project wouldn’t interfere with their Hulu show. To make amends, she surprised them by unveiling the teaser trailer for the highly anticipated fourth season of “OMITB.”

The cast of “The Bear,” which includes Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri, along with series creator Christopher Storer, couldn’t attend the upfront event in person. However, they made sure to send a Season 3 teaser for the fortunate attendees in the room.

Ryan Seacrest, a familiar face on ABC, made a grand entrance to reveal an exciting announcement. ABC is introducing their very first “Golden Bachelorette,” and the honor goes to none other than Joan Vassos. She will be the show’s first-ever lead, marking a significant milestone in the history of the popular franchise.

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Ellen Pompeo made an appearance to give a sneak peek of her upcoming Hulu drama, “Natalia.” Serena Williams shared that she will be hosting the 2024 ESPY Awards on July 11. Jim Gaffigan announced his new standup comedy special on Hulu. Sterling K. Brown and James Marsden gave viewers a first look at their Hulu show “Paradise.” Kerry Washington discussed the second seasons of her Onyx series “UnPrisoned” and “Reasonable Doubt.” Kaitlin Olson promoted her new ABC drama series, “High Potential.” Additionally, Kim Kardashian, Michelle Williams, Emma Roberts, and Angela Bassett came together to promote their respective projects on FX, Hulu, and ABC.

In addition, Jalen Hurts, quarterback for the Eagles, joined Quinta Brunson, creator and star of “Abbott Elementary,” in welcoming Jason Kelce, the new commentator for ESPN’s “Monday Night Countdown.” The event served as a celebration of Kelce’s new role and also promoted Disney’s upcoming Super Bowl in 2027. Notable figures like David Muir and Robin Roberts from ABC News also made appearances to promote “Good Morning America” and “ABC World News Tonight.”

Jimmy Kimmel brought the event to a close with a hilarious segment. He took the opportunity to poke fun at a massive AI head of Bob Iger that was displayed on the big screen. In a playful manner, Kimmel warned the audience about the potential expansion of “A-Iger.”

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