Despite Failing Service School, Determined Dog Continues to Apply His Training Efforts

A dog that failed service school training has applied the skills he learned in his daily life.

During his time at service school training, Leo the English Lab acquired the skill of “nudging.” Service dogs typically use nudging as a way to get their handlers’ attention. However, since Leo did not succeed in becoming a service dog and is no longer in training, he has learned to employ the nudge for his own advantage.

The text on the video stated, “But mostly treats.”

The heartwarming video gained rapid popularity, amassing over 10.5 million views, 1.8 million likes, and 4,040 comments within just two days of its release.

“He’s actually pressing the button on the treat dispenser!” exclaimed one viewer. Once he discovered the simple trick of getting treats with just a gentle push, he becomes relentless in his pursuit.

One person also mentioned the adorable way his nose squishes when he nudges you.

Leo’s owner agreed and shared, “Yes, Leo has a similar attitude. Whenever someone is feeling down, he always feels it is his responsibility to make things better.”

Leo, no longer in service school training, still holds true to the fundamental purpose of being a service dog – assisting individuals. In addition to his knack for brightening up someone’s day, he also extends a helping paw when needed.

Leo, the adorable dog featured in several TikTok videos, has a unique habit that has captured the hearts of many viewers. According to the owner, Leo likes to gather things he believes she will need before they go on a walk. This thoughtful gesture often includes items such as hats, gloves, and socks, even if they are not always necessary. It’s the sweet intention behind his actions that truly melts hearts.

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