Ex-Alabama corrections officer and wife accused of plotting to illegally transport drugs to inmates

A former officer from the Alabama Department of Corrections, along with his wife, is facing allegations of colluding with inmates to smuggle drugs into a state prison in exchange for payment.

ADOC officials announced on Tuesday that Mario Grant, 32, is facing charges of using his official position for personal gain and conspiring to commit a controlled substance crime.

Carole Grant, 31, the wife of the accused, is facing charges of conspiracy to commit a controlled substances crime.

They have both been released on bond from the Montgomery County Detention Center.

According to ADOC spokeswoman Kelly Betts, Grant, who was employed at Kilby Correctional Facility during the time of the alleged crimes, has since resigned from his position.

The alleged crimes, as stated in the charging documents, took place from July 2023 to September 2023.

According to deposition records, the couple allegedly received money from inmates through Cash App in exchange for smuggling undisclosed illegal drugs into the lockup.

According to the warrants, Carole Grant received payments from the inmates and subsequently transferred the funds to her husband.

The investigation is still ongoing, and there is a possibility of additional charges being filed in the future.

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