Colorado officers called to investigate screaming lady helping birth triplets on porch

When police officers arrived at a residence in Colorado after receiving reports of a woman screaming, they discovered a 24-year-old woman in active labor on her front porch.

In the early hours of April 18th, four officers from the Greeley Police Department swiftly responded to a call. Despite the chilly and snowy conditions, they wasted no time and sprang into action, fully prepared to assist in the delivery of a newborn.

The newborn baby boy was delivered swiftly, but to everyone’s alarm, he immediately began to turn blue.

The Greeley Police Department shared on Facebook that one of their officers quickly found bread ties to secure the newborn’s umbilical cord. Another officer took the initiative to gather towels and blankets from nearby homes to ensure the family stayed warm during this special moment.

After the baby was born, a third officer who was present assisted in tying off and cutting the umbilical cord. Meanwhile, the fourth officer quickly took the baby boy back to the patrol car where it was warmer and more comfortable.

According to the police, the weather conditions were harsh with snow, rain, and a temperature of around 32 degrees.

While in the patrol car, the baby suddenly ceased breathing, prompting an officer to promptly administer CPR. Fortunately, medical personnel arrived just in time and were able to provide the necessary assistance to save the infant’s life.

The new mother surprised the officers by revealing that she was expecting two more babies.

The police department stated that while the officers were providing comfort to the mother, they also assisted in the delivery of a second baby boy.

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The officers swiftly wrapped the newborn, securely tied off the umbilical cord, and delicately cut it. They immediately transported the second baby to the waiting ambulance, where medical personnel were still providing care for the first baby.

The mother was quickly brought to the same hospital as the first two babies and promptly underwent surgery to deliver the third baby.

Three baby boys with strong heartbeats are currently receiving medical care at the neonatal intensive care unit, according to the police.

The woman went into labor while she was home alone, according to the police.

Her phone battery died, leaving her without any means of communication. She attempted to reach her neighbor’s house for help, but unfortunately, she couldn’t even step beyond her own front porch.

Greeley Police Chief Adam Turk expressed his astonishment at the remarkable teamwork, resourcefulness, and compassion demonstrated by the officers in the face of a challenging task.

“The success of this call reflects the exceptional skills and training of our officers, as well as the strong partnerships we have forged with other public safety agencies in the area.”

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