Bernie Sanders criticizes Netanyahu for engaging in “ethnic cleansing” in Gaza

Senator Bernie Sanders took a strong stance against Israel’s treatment of Gaza, referring to it as “ethnic cleansing” during his criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday.

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sanders expressed his belief that the Prime Minister should bear responsibility for the alarming number of deaths and the displacement of Palestinians resulting from the conflict.

When discussing the widespread pro-Palestine demonstrations occurring on various college campuses, he expressed his understanding of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s remarks at Columbia University, where her daughter faced suspension.

Columbia University garnered national attention recently due to the arrest of numerous pro-Palestinian demonstrators. During this incident, CNN featured a video clip of Omar’s remarks made during her visit to the campus.

“I find it truly disheartening that there is a lack of concern for the safety of all Jewish children. We should not have to endure antisemitism or bigotry, regardless of whether a student supports or opposes genocide,” she expressed.

Sanders emphasized the importance of Ilhan’s message, stating that the presence of antisemitism in our country must be avoided. He acknowledged that the term “genocide” is currently under the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, indicating the need for an authoritative determination.

According to Sanders, there is no denying the fact that Netanyahu’s actions in Gaza, which involve displacing 80% of the population, can be considered as ethnic cleansing.

Sanders has been consistently criticizing Netanyahu for the ongoing war in Gaza and expressing his opposition to increased U.S. funding for Israel. He has also reiterated his demands for an end to U.S. financial support for Israel’s actions in Gaza.

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