Co-defendant of Trump seeks to include testimony in a bid to disqualify Fani Willis

An attorney representing one of former President Donald Trump’s co-defendants in Georgia is urging the judge overseeing a misconduct motion against the Fulton County district attorney to consider testimony from a new witness regarding the timeline of DA Fani Willis’ romantic involvement with the special prosecutor in the election interference case.

Attorneys representing David Shafer, a co-defendant of Donald Trump, revealed in a court filing on Monday that they had been in communication with a key potential witness. This witness, a co-chief deputy district attorney at the Cobb County DA’s office, had shared details of her conversations with Terrence Bradley. It is important to note that Bradley is the former law partner and divorce attorney of the special prosecutor, Nathan Wade.

Cindi Yeager informed the attorneys in the filing that Bradley had told her about the relationship between Willis and Wade starting before November 2021, when Wade was hired as a special prosecutor in the Trump case.

Yeager has not provided a sworn affidavit regarding her conversations with Bradley, and there is no evidence suggesting that she has any personal knowledge about the relationship between Willis and Wade.

The filing’s impact on the efforts to disqualify Willis from prosecuting the election interference case remains uncertain. Last month, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee conducted evidentiary hearings, during which witnesses from both sides testified. Requests to reopen the evidence in the case, made by both the DA’s office and the defense, have been denied by Judge McAfee thus far.

During last month’s hearings, Yeager was never subpoenaed or called to the stand.

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Trump and his co-defendants are arguing that Willis has benefited financially from hiring Wade as a special prosecutor. They are requesting McAfee to remove her from the prosecution.

Willis and Wade have admitted to having a personal relationship, but they stated that it only started in 2022, after Wade had already started working on the case.

Shafer’s attorneys, Craig Gillen and Holly Pierson, stated in Monday’s filing that if the judge decides to reopen the evidence regarding the misconduct allegation, they would present testimony from Yeager. This testimony would cover her conversations with Bradley from August to January of last year.

According to Shafer, Yeager will testify that Bradley informed her about Willis and Wade’s romantic relationship during the time when Willis was running for District Attorney in 2019 to 2020. Bradley claimed to have personal knowledge of this relationship.

During last week’s testimony, Bradley stated that he did not possess any knowledge regarding the matter.

According to the filing, Yeager claimed that during one instance when Bradley was present in her office, Willis contacted him. The reason behind this call was a published article that discussed the significant amount of money Wade and his law partners had received in the case. Yeager overheard Willis cautioning Bradley, saying, “They are coming after us. You shouldn’t disclose any information about us to them.”

Willis’ office spokesperson declined to provide any comment on the recent filing. Both Willis and Wade have consistently denied any involvement in any wrongful acts. Adam Abbate from the DA’s office dismissed the misconduct allegations against Willis as an attempt to tarnish her reputation.

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According to McAfee, a ruling on the allegations is expected to be issued within the next two weeks, following the conclusion of Friday’s arguments.

If Willis were to be removed due to the misconduct allegations, her entire office would also be disqualified. This would potentially result in the election interference case being transferred to Cobb County.

Blayne Alexander provided coverage from Atlanta while Dareh Gregorian reported from New York.

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