Challenges for Biden’s 2024 campaign highlighted in Morehouse speech

President Biden is scheduled to visit a college campus on Sunday, marking his first visit to a university since campuses across the country became centers of protest during the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Biden will be giving a commencement speech at Morehouse College, an historically Black college in Atlanta. This decision has caused a stir among students and faculty at the school. The president of the college even stated that he would halt the ceremony rather than allow police to intervene and suppress any potential disruptions.

The speech will bring together various issues that Biden is facing: the controversy surrounding his unpopular foreign policy on Israel among Democrats, along with his challenges in retaining young and Black voters, who will play a crucial role in his reelection. All of this is happening in a battleground state that he narrowly won in 2020.

According to Georgia-based Democratic strategist Fred Hicks, the president’s decision to deliver the commencement speech at Morehouse, the leading Black male college in the country, acknowledges the concern that Black men and young voters may choose not to vote in this election. It reflects the campaign’s realization that efforts must be made to engage and rally this demographic.

There is skepticism among strategists about the possibility of protests breaking out at Morehouse on Sunday. However, Hicks acknowledges that he wouldn’t be surprised if there were demonstrations or heckling during or around the graduation ceremony.

Hicks expressed concerns about the risks involved in Biden’s appearance, emphasizing that any protests could potentially overshadow the president’s positive messaging.

Many Black Americans, however, have shown their support for the Palestinian cause amidst the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. According to a survey conducted in March by the Carnegie Endowment for Peace, nearly 70% of Black Americans expressed their desire for the U.S. to call for an immediate cease-fire. While 42% of Black respondents stated that they did not feel connected to either Israelis or Palestinians, 45% expressed a stronger connection to Palestinians rather than Israelis.

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The Biden administration is confident that there won’t be any issues during the commencement speech. However, they have taken proactive measures to address any potential problems.

Steve Benjamin, the head of the administration’s Office of Public Engagement, recently had a meeting with students and faculty at Morehouse College. According to NBC News, the students expressed their concerns about the president potentially overshadowing the graduation and delivering a speech that could be perceived as a campaign message, given the recent campus controversies across the country.

During his conversation with reporters on Thursday, Benjamin discussed the wide range of topics that were brought up during his interaction with the Morehouse students. He emphasized that the students’ main concern was ensuring that their needs and aspirations were at the forefront of the conversation.

Benjamin explained that people have varying preferences when it comes to the content they want to hear. He emphasized the importance of actively listening to these messages and relaying them to the president and his speech-writing team.

The spokesperson expressed confidence that the president would have the opportunity to interact with the faculty, staff, and students during his visit and shared that he was eagerly anticipating the engagement.

According to CNN, Morehouse President David Thomas stated that the school will not tolerate any disruptive behavior that hinders the smooth running of the ceremony or prevents attendees from enjoying the event. He emphasized that he would personally put a stop to any disruptions, rather than involving the police and having individuals removed from the event in a forceful manner.

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Thomas, in an interview with The Associated Press, expressed his belief that these moments are what Morehouse College was meant for.

According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, President Biden considers his speech to be a crucial moment for graduates who began their college journey during the pandemic and are now graduating amidst ongoing protests.

“We acknowledge the deep personal significance of this moment for numerous Americans nationwide. We have made our stance on this very clear,” Jean-Pierre informed reporters.

When Biden speaks at Morehouse, he will have the opportunity to engage with a crucial voting bloc that is essential for his chances of winning the White House once more.

According to a recent poll by The New York Times, Joe Biden is currently enjoying a significant lead among Black voters, with 63 percent supporting him compared to 23 percent supporting former President Trump. This marks a noticeable decline in support from the 87 percent of Black voters who cast their ballots for Biden in the 2020 election.

According to the poll, there is only a small margin between Trump and Biden when it comes to voters aged 18-29, a group that Biden won by a significant margin in the previous election. Recognizing the importance of these two crucial voting blocs, the campaign has been actively working to engage with them.

According to recent polling averages from Decision Desk HQ/The Hill, it appears that President Trump is currently leading by 6 points in Georgia, a state that Joe Biden managed to turn blue in the 2020 election for the first time in many years.

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Biden’s speech coincides with the recent prominence of college campuses in protesting against the conflict in Gaza. Students from Columbia University to the University of California, Los Angeles have been demanding their universities to divest from entities that support Israel’s military. These protests have been driven by the high number of Palestinian casualties in Gaza since October, when Israel launched its offensive in response to deadly terrorist attacks by Hamas, resulting in the loss of approximately 1,000 Israeli lives.

Biden recognizes the right of demonstrators to engage in peaceful protests. However, he strongly condemns the more extreme elements of the protests, such as vandalism, the occupation of buildings, and the cancellation of important events like commencement ceremonies, as was witnessed at Columbia University.

According to strategists, finding the right balance between striking a celebratory tone for the graduates and acknowledging the fraught political moment will be crucial for Biden.

According to Hopkins, it is crucial for him to acknowledge the overall sentiment of the nation and the prevailing frustration that stems from unresolved issues. He emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach in addressing civil rights not only in the United States but also on a global scale.

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