Court sentences right-wing conspiracy theorist to 30 years for assaulting Nancy Pelosi’s husband

David DePape, the man who was found guilty of breaking into the residence of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and viciously assaulting her husband with a hammer, has been given a 30-year prison sentence, according to the Associated Press.

DePape, aged 44, was convicted in November for the assault that occurred in October 2022. He has been given credit for the 18 months he has spent in prison since the incident.

During DePape’s sentencing, Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley acknowledged that he had no prior record, but emphasized that his extremist political beliefs, which he expressed on his personal blog, ultimately motivated him to commit a violent crime.

Corley expressed astonishment at the extraordinary act of him personally visiting the home, stating, “It is truly remarkable and unlike anything we have ever seen before.”

Paul Pelosi, who was 82 years old at the time, endured two head injuries in the assault. One of these injuries was a skull fracture that required the use of permanent plates and screws for mending. Additionally, his right arm was also harmed.

The attack, although brutal, faced mockery from individuals like Donald Trump Jr. He propagated a conspiracy theory suggesting that DePape was not actually a supporter of his father, the former president, but rather an estranged lover.

A police body camera video captured the attack on Paul Pelosi a few days before the midterm elections.

During the trial, DePape confessed to the jury that he had intended to wear an inflatable unicorn costume while conducting his unauthorized interrogation of Nancy Pelosi. However, he was unable to carry out his plan as Pelosi was not present at the time of his intrusion. It was revealed that DePape had come prepared with rope, zip ties, and body cameras.

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Paul Pelosi also took the stand during the trial, sharing his harrowing experience. He vividly described how a burly intruder barged into his bedroom, demanding to know the whereabouts of Nancy. Startled, Paul informed the man that she was in Washington. However, rather than leaving, the intruder, DePape, proceeded to restrain Paul, with the intention of waiting for Nancy’s return.

“It was a shocking realization to see that someone had broken into my house. When I saw him holding a hammer and some ties, I immediately understood that I was in grave danger. Despite the fear, I made a conscious effort to remain as calm as possible,” Pelosi shared with the jurors.

DePape is facing multiple charges in state court, including assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, and residential burglary. The trial for these charges is set to begin on Wednesday, with jury selection anticipated to start.

Aaron Bennet, the spokesperson for Nancy Pelosi, expressed his appreciation for the announcement of the sentence.

According to a statement, the Pelosi family expressed their immense pride in their Pop’s bravery in saving his own life during the attack and testifying in the case. They are also grateful for the outpouring of love and prayers they have received during Mr. Pelosi’s recovery.

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