Black Bears Spotted Roaming Western New York

The arrival of spring is just around the corner in Western New York. Although there have been a few exceptions this week, the weather in Buffalo has been reminiscent of spring. In an impressive turn of events, Buffalo even broke a record for the highest temperature on Tuesday!

This winter has been quite underwhelming for most areas in New York State. Although there was a notable lake effect snow event earlier in the season, the end of February has been unusually mild, resembling more of an April-like weather. This brings good news for sunshine lovers and those who enjoy warmer temperatures, but it may disappoint snow enthusiasts.

The shift in temperatures brings not only joy to humans, but also awakens the natural instincts of animals like bears. During spring, these creatures become more active and begin their search for food once again.

A bear was spotted in the West Valley area, as reported on the “Be Neighborly Springville Area” Facebook page. The bear was seen searching for food in the vicinity.

Numerous individuals in the nearby areas have shared comparable photos and videos, serving as a timely reminder to exercise caution with regards to our waste disposal and bird feeders. It is crucial to eliminate any items that may attract bears to our neighborhoods.

Last spring and summer, multiple reports emerged of bears appearing in residential areas rather than rural regions across certain parts of New York State.

The Orchard Park Police recently took to their Facebook page to issue a warning following yet another sighting of a bear near Cole Rd in the Town of Orchard Park.

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Just a few days ago, we received a video showing a bear captured on a trail camera near Eden, NY. Remarkably, this sighting occurred shortly after another massive bear was spotted in the Alden-Marilla area.

Bear wandering in Eden, New York

The New York State DEC urges everyone to refrain from feeding bears, especially when camping in public areas. When bears become accustomed to easy meals, they grow bolder and more likely to interact dangerously with humans. In extreme cases, officials may be forced to euthanize a bear. It is crucial to exercise caution around wildlife and acknowledge that they are, indeed, wild animals.

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