Six people were caught in Georgia jails for attempting to smuggle drugs and other contraband

The Georgia Department of Corrections has recently made several arrests in connection with contraband attempts at three Georgia prisons. These attempts involve civilians and former inmates, as reported by the department.

According to officials, on January 21, security staff at Calhoun SP noticed a person behaving suspiciously and running into the nearby woods. The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office was immediately notified, and they successfully apprehended Nehemiah Robinson near the facility.

According to officials, Robinson had in his possession one drone, one drone remote, and a bag of contraband. He was arrested and taken to the Calhoun County Jail, with charges pending, as stated in the official statement.

Five days later, there was a report of suspicious activity near Hancock State Prison. The facility staff immediately contacted the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office and the GDC K9 for assistance.

Lloyd White and Jeaundean White, former inmates, were apprehended by authorities for possessing contraband items. These included 9 cell phones, 2 packs of THC gummies weighing 61 grams, 10 lighters, 13 charging cords, 3 Bluetooth earbuds, 9 charging blocks, 1 bottle of biofreeze, 1 bottle of blunt spray, 1 bottle of acetaminophen, 1 bottle of Tylenol, 228 grams of marijuana, and 4074 grams of tobacco. Officials confirmed that Lloyd and Jeaundean were taken into custody and transferred to the local jail.

Officials have stated that on January 30, at Smith SP, the Glennville Police Department and OPS Special Agents apprehended and detained three civilians who were involved in introducing contraband into the facility.

During the search, civilians were found to be in possession of various contraband items. These included one drone, one drone controller, one contraband package, one drone case, two drone batteries, a box of cigarettes, 3.3 grams of marijuana, rolls of clear tape and electrical tape, two opened bottles of alcohol, three packs of cigarillos, 10 cellphones, one cellphone battery, 1,812 grams of tobacco, 17.6 grams of a white powdery substance, 17.8 grams of a blue tablet substance, 220.7 grams of marijuana, 32 packs of wrapping/rolling papers, a pair of nail clippers, and two disposable electronic cigarettes.

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