Atlanta Lounge Brawl Results in Arrest of Mariah The Scientist

Music artist Mariah The Scientist found herself in a troubling situation when she was arrested and booked in Atlanta on Wednesday night. The incident occurred after a woman reported to the police that Mariah had viciously assaulted her without any apparent reason.

A woman named Cleopatra Dues approached the Zone 2 precinct on March 29 and reported to the Fulton County police that she had been assaulted by Mariah the previous night at the Cavo Kitchen and Cocktail lounge, as stated in a police report obtained by TMZ Hip Hop.

She eventually left the scene and called 911, expressing her feelings of being unsafe to the dispatchers.

Video footage of the incident was captured by onlookers. Although it remains unclear if the person in the footage is actually Mariah, Dues expressed her intention to press charges and investigate whether Cavo possesses any additional surveillance recordings of the incident.

Staten Island rapper Cleotrapa was mistakenly identified as the supposed victim on social media when the video started to circulate. However, it turned out that it was not her, but rather someone with the same first name.

Dues admits that she wasn’t wearing her glasses at the time and therefore couldn’t get a clear view of her attacker. However, she later identified her as Mariah Buckles, also known as Mariah The Scientist.

Dues expressed bewilderment to the police about the motive behind the attack, asserting that she had never had any prior contact with Mariah or her friends.

Mariah was arrested on Wednesday for a simple battery charge but was released on bail later in the day.

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