China highway collapse leaves at least 24 dead

According to state media, at least 24 people were killed when a section of a highway in southern China collapsed early on Wednesday. Cars were sent tumbling as a result of the collapse.

Authorities in Meizhou city, Guangdong province, have reported that a 59-foot section of the highway collapsed, causing eighteen cars to tumble down a slope. The incident took place at approximately 2 a.m.

According to China’s official Xinhua News agency, the death toll had increased to 24 by Wednesday afternoon.

Guangdong province has been experiencing unprecedented rainfall, flooding, and even hail in certain areas over the past couple of weeks. In Meizhou, several villages were flooded in early April, and the city has been enduring heavy rainfall in recent days.

According to witnesses, they heard a loud noise and observed a significant hole appearing a few meters behind them right after they had driven past the specific stretch of road that eventually gave way.

Smoke and fire engulfed the scene, as captured in video and photos from local media. The highway rails ominously tilted downward into the raging flames, while a heap of charred cars dotted the slope descending from the road.

The section of the road that had broken off seemed to have caused the ground beneath the highway to cave in.

According to a report from state broadcaster CCTV, rescue workers have transported a total of 30 individuals to the hospital.

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