Arrest made in connection to DeKalb shootout, second suspect taken into custody

DeKalb County police have apprehended a second suspect in relation to a gunfire exchange that occurred in a gas station parking lot, resulting in injuries to three innocent bystanders.

On Friday night, law enforcement officials apprehended Malachi Giles, a 17-year-old, and subsequently placed him in the county jail on Saturday morning.

Channel 2 Action News initially covered the shooting incident on Candler Road during the Tuesday night segment of WSB Tonight at 11 p.m.

Officers responded to a distress call at a Circle K gas station, where a confrontation between two groups escalated into a gunfire exchange in the parking lot. Fortunately, three innocent bystanders sustained injuries during the incident but are expected to recover fully.

On Wednesday morning, the police announced that they have successfully identified one of the suspects involved in the incident. The suspect’s name is Darius Morris, a 34-year-old individual, who is now facing three counts of aggravated assault. It is worth mentioning that Giles, another suspect, has also been apprehended and is currently facing the same charges.

Authorities are currently conducting a search for additional individuals, as they suspect the involvement of more people in the matter.

In an exclusive interview with Channel 2, Tyisha Fernandes, one of the victims shared his harrowing experience of being grazed by a bullet and having his car shot at least six times.

Juwon, who prefers to remain anonymous, recounts his harrowing experience driving through the shootout on Tuesday night alongside his wife and another friend.

According to him, his intention was to drive into the shootout deliberately in order to protect other individuals.

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Juwon’s car came to a sudden halt in the midst of the chaotic shootout, as captured by the surveillance video. He explains that in his attempt to flee from the hail of bullets, he unintentionally disengaged the gear of his car.

Juwon explained how his quick thinking and decisive action saved lives during the incident. “By stopping there, I was able to scare off the perpetrator who then ran away,” he recounted. “Moreover, the guy in black who fell right in front of me was possibly spared from any serious harm. It’s chilling to think that if my car hadn’t acted as a shield and absorbed those bullets, they could have hit someone innocent inside the store,” he added. Juwon’s bravery and presence of mind prevented a potentially tragic outcome.

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