A state senator will introduce a bill to help Texas secure its border

State Senator Mike Stuart, who is also a candidate for West Virginia Attorney General, has put forward a bill that aims to empower the West Virginia Secretary of Homeland Security to offer direct assistance to Texas Governor Abbott and the Texas Border Patrol. This assistance would include covering the expenses for essential items like razor wire and other materials required to enhance border security.

Stuart emphasized that President Biden’s open border policies have proven to be a failure for both America and the people of West Virginia. He asserted that this crisis extends beyond just Texas and affects West Virginia as well. Stuart stressed the importance of solidarity with Texas and Governor Abbott, as it is crucial not to leave Texas to defend the nation alone.

In January, there were 176,294 migrant encounters by U.S. Border Patrol agents and U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers. This is a significant decrease compared to the record-breaking 302,034 encounters in December. Last January, there were 157,358 encounters at the Southwest border. Since October 1, 2023, there have been nearly 1 million illegal entries at the southern border, according to CBP data.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced his plans to expand the razor wire fencing along the state’s border. This comes in response to the recent ruling by the US Supreme Court, which allows the Biden administration to remove the existing fencing. Despite the controversy surrounding the fencing, Abbott remains determined to strengthen border security.

According to Stuart, President Biden has neglected his responsibility to safeguard our nation by failing to secure our southern border. Stuart emphasized the need for the Secretary of West Virginia’s Department of Homeland Security to collaborate with Texas government officials, ensuring maximum support in border security efforts.

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Senator Stuart emphasized the need for West Virginia’s Secretary of Homeland Security to possess the power and resources to provide essential supplies like razor wire. He stressed the importance of materials such as concrete, sand, security cameras, rebar, and steel mesh to support Governor Abbott’s efforts in defending the border. The Senator firmly declared West Virginia’s unwavering support for Texas, proclaiming, “Don’t mess with Texas or West Virginia.”

Stuart, besides proposing a bill to bolster Texas border security, is also leading the sponsorship of a Resolution that supports Governor Abbott and Texas’ right to protect the border. The State Senate is expected to address this resolution as early as this week.

“The opioid crisis? I have dedicated years to working on the front lines, supporting law enforcement, leading raids, and prosecuting those who peddle poison. Throughout my journey, I have witnessed the heart-wrenching moments of embracing grieving parents. It became evident that a significant portion of this grief originates from the Texas border. It is imperative that we extend our support to Texas, assisting them in whatever measures necessary to effectively close that border without delay.”

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