81-year-old US man arrested for being a ‘serial slingshot shooter’

According to police, a man who had been causing trouble in his California neighborhood for years has finally been arrested. Nicknamed the “serial slingshot shooter,” he had been a source of annoyance for local residents.

An 81-year-old man stands accused of using a slingshot to fire ball bearings at numerous local homes. His actions resulted in broken windows and narrowly avoided causing harm to individuals.

After conducting a thorough investigation, the Azusa police have successfully apprehended Prince King, putting an end to a long-standing issue that has negatively impacted the quality of life for local residents for almost ten years.

During his court appearance on Tuesday, Mr. King pleaded not guilty.

The Azusa Police Department recently took to Instagram to announce that Mr. King’s arrest followed the execution of a search warrant at his home in the neighborhood where the reported incidents took place.

According to the police, they found ball bearings and a slingshot at his residence during the search.

For nearly a decade, a serial slingshot shooter had been terrorizing dozens of citizens, as confirmed by the police.

Ball bearings are being thrown towards home windows and car windshields, nearly hitting people.

Mr. King was apprehended by the police after they noticed an increase in complaints, which helped them identify a pattern and narrow down the location to a specific residence.

According to Azusa Police Lt Jake Bushey, there doesn’t appear to be any motive other than malicious mischief.

After years of incidents, residents expressed their relief.

Monico Palomino, a resident, revealed to a local NBC affiliate that on numerous occasions, he discovered small BBs near the front door of his house.

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“I’m extremely relieved that the individual has been apprehended.”

Local news stations showcased photographs of shattered windows and plastic bags brimming with tiny silver spheres that were painstakingly collected from the residences of the affected individuals.

According to the New York Times, Mr. King is currently facing charges of felony and misdemeanor vandalism.

He has been released without bail until his next court date on June 17th.

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