$50K bond granted to father accused of killing 5-year-old Justin Turner

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (agadari) — In Berkeley County, South Carolina, a noteworthy event took place.

Victor Lee Turner, the man accused of killing his five-year-old son Justin in 1989, has been given a bail of $50,000.

Judge Roger M. Young issued a ruling on Feb. 8, stating that Turner can be released from the Hill-Finklea Detention Center once a $50,000 surety bond is posted. As part of the release conditions, Turner must refrain from contacting the victims, leaving South Carolina, breaking any laws, and must attend all scheduled court appearances.

In his statement, Young expressed his belief that Victor Turner poses minimal risk of flight and danger to the community, justifying the decision to grant him bond.

Megan Turner received a bond of $50,000 the day before.

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