Parents of deceased man in Kansas City home share their perspective on his death

The parents of one of the three Kansas City football fans discovered deceased outside a friend’s Missouri residence last month are shedding light on their perspective regarding what transpired to their son.

This Friday marks a month since authorities reported the discovery of David Harrington, Ricky Johnson, and Clayton McGeeney’s bodies, approximately 48 hours following their gathering to watch an NFL game at a friend’s suburban home in Platte County.

While law enforcement continues to investigate the case, they have stated that they do not suspect foul play in the men’s puzzling deaths.

Recently, a family member of one of the victims informed a local TV station that toxicology results had been furnished to police investigators. However, the autopsy and toxicology findings for the men, all within their mid to late 30s, have not yet been publicly disclosed.

In an interview with NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo, shared on Cuomo’s Facebook page on February 2nd, David Harrington’s stepmother Theresa Harrington and father John Harrington discussed their son and addressed the possibility of drugs contributing to his demise.

‘He took them to get high’

Theresa Harrington suspects that there is more to the story if drugs were involved.

During a virtual video interview with Cuomo, she emphasized that David was not a drug addict or anything of that sort. She clarified that his intention was not to overdose and die. If he did consume drugs independently, it was solely for the purpose of getting high.

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Timeline of Deaths in Kansas City: What Has Occurred Since the Discovery of Three Football Fans Dead Outside a Kansas City Home

According to the National Weather Service, temperatures dropped to as low as 29 degrees on the night of the game.

According to Harrington’s stepmother, it is possible that her son and his two friends consumed drugs, went outdoors, and subsequently lost consciousness.

Cuomo responded to Harrington’s stepmother, stating that the symptoms described are highly consistent with fentanyl. He explained that fentanyl has the potential to significantly slow down a person’s breathing, leading them to easily lose consciousness and be unaware of their surroundings, including the sensation of cold.

“Exactly,” she replied. “Certain drugs can raise your body temperature, making you less sensitive to the cold. This can put you at a higher risk of developing hypothermia rapidly.”

Harrington’s stepmother has also mentioned that the police have been in touch with their family regarding the case.

In an interview, Harrington’s mother expressed her frustration with the ongoing investigation, stating, “We keep receiving responses that they are still in the process of investigating. It seems like there is something they are questioning, but they do not have enough evidence to press charges or conduct a more thorough interrogation.”

Autopsy results are under suppression

Police Officer Alayna Gonzalez has confirmed that the death investigation is still active and ongoing as of Tuesday. No new information has been released to the public regarding the case.

The results of the postmortem exams conducted on all three men are currently under suppression by order of the Platte County District Attorney, according to Forensic Medical in Kansas City, as reported by USA TODAY.

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Lauren McDaniel from Forensic Medical stated in an email that no information or reports will be released until the suppression status is lifted.

According to Tanya Faherty, a spokesperson for the Platte County District Attorney’s Office, the reports regarding this matter are currently considered closed records under Missouri law.

Parents question where the drugs came from

The men were discovered in a rented home belonging to a 38-year-old scientist. The scientist, who lives alone, works remotely for a New York hospital, according to his lawyer, John Picerno.

The man who lives in the home is not being named by USA TODAY because he has not been arrested or charged with a crime.

During the conversation with Cuomo, Harrington’s father admitted that he was uncertain about whether their son brought drugs to the house. However, if he had to speculate, he believed that Harrington and his friends obtained drugs while at home.

According to his father, it is believed that someone provided him with substances that ultimately led to his demise.

According to Harrington’s stepmother, if the drugs were contaminated, it could potentially result in the death of other individuals who come into contact with that particular batch.

According to the homeowner’s attorney, his client has denied any involvement in the deaths.

In January, Picerno stated that he had no knowledge of the fact that the animals were still in his backyard or that they required medical attention. If he had been aware of the situation, he definitely would have contacted for assistance.

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