4 men with ties to Mexico charged for running enough heroin to kill 5 million people

Four individuals who are believed to be drug traffickers associated with a Mexico-based transnational criminal organization are now facing federal charges after being apprehended while transporting approximately 370 gallons of liquid heroin. This massive quantity of drugs weighs around 1.4 tons, which is enough to administer a lethal dose to every resident in Oregon.

Four individuals from Yakima, Washington, have been charged with conspiracy to distribute and possess heroin, along with the intent to distribute and possess it. The accused are Marco Antonio Magallon, Luis Deleon Woodward, Jorge Luis Amador, and Santos Alisael Aguilar Maya, whose residency is currently unknown. These charges were filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Oregon.

On January 24, 2024, law enforcement received information regarding an ongoing multi-agency drug trafficking investigation. The information indicated that four individuals were involved in an international criminal organization and were responsible for smuggling significant quantities of illegal narcotics into Oregon.

Investigators observed Amador driving a rented moving truck and a pickup truck accompanying it as they traveled west on Interstate 84 near Bonneville, Oregon between late January 24 and early January 25.

The investigators observed the vehicles as they arrived at a motel in Tigard, Oregon. They also noted a brief stop at a commercial parking lot in Beaverton, Oregon.

Later on January 25, federal investigators carried out search warrants on the motel room and two vehicles belonging to the defendants. During the search, they discovered and confiscated eight 55-gallon barrels filled with approximately 370 gallons of liquid narcotics in the moving truck. Additionally, two loaded handguns were found inside the motel room. Subsequently, law enforcement officials arrested all four defendants involved in the case.

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The investigators transported the confiscated 1.4 metric tons of narcotics to the narcotics room at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. After conducting lab tests, it was determined that the barrels in question held liquid heroin.

The case is currently under investigation by Homeland Security Investigations, WCSO, and the Westside Interagency Narcotics Team. Scott M. Kerin, assistant U.S. attorney for the District of Oregon, is responsible for prosecuting the case.

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