Young girl from Crown Heights, aged 8, seeks to make a difference in the world through social advocacy

A young girl from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, is changing the world by feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, and supporting children who have been abused. These achievements are not the aims of a major non-profit, but rather the extraordinary efforts of this determined individual.

Jewel Alexis-Josey, the founder of Love Wins, is on a mission that takes her from a street corner in East Flatbush to a park next to the White House.

An 8-year-old from Brooklyn, who possesses remarkable eloquence, is driven by a profound passion for spreading love. This Saturday, she will have the opportunity to manifest her passion at a revered annual event in Washington, D.C.

“I feel a calling from God to bring about a positive transformation in the world. The current state of the world is plagued with hatred, and it is my mission to foster love and compassion among people,” expressed Alexis-Josey sincerely.

Faith is a fundamental pillar in her close-knit family.

According to Eyewitness News reporter Kemberly Richardson, Alexis-Josey’s parents recognized her exceptional nature even before she could speak.

“According to Jewel’s father Jerome Josey, she was always engaged in either praying, preaching, or singing. It was one of these three activities that she would often be found doing.”

She passionately shared the teachings of God with children in day care centers.

Jewel’s mother, ShalleAnn Alexis-Josey, recalls how adults would constantly approach her daughter, seeking coverage or assistance. Whether it was teachers or random people on the street, Jewel always seemed to have a gift for helping others. “I always had to walk with something to anoint somebody,” ShalleAnn fondly remembers.

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At the tender age of five, Jewel embarked on her journey with Love Wins. Through her organization, she actively participates in clothing and food drives, and also dedicates her time to working with the children in Grenada.

According to her, the most pressing concern plaguing our nation at present is the escalating rates of crime, particularly incidents involving knives and firearms.

Community activist Reverend Terry Lee has organized the White House Prayer For Our Nation, and it will be her third visit to this significant event. President Joe Biden, among others, acknowledges her remarkable contributions.

This young lady has wisdom beyond her years, and there are no limits to what she can achieve.

“Just be a light in this dark world and walk in your purpose,” advised ShalleAnn Alexis-Josey.

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