Wyoming Traffic Rule 2024 Update: Understanding the Right Turn on Red Rule

The right turn on red (RTOR) rule is a widely accepted traffic regulation that allows drivers to turn right at a red light after coming to a complete stop and ensuring it’s safe to do so. This maneuver can improve traffic flow and reduce congestion, especially at intersections with low traffic volume. Understanding the specific rules and how they apply in your state is crucial for safe driving.

This article focuses on the right turn on red rule in Wyoming as of March 2024. We’ll delve into the legalities, exceptions, safe driving practices, and potential consequences of violating the rule.

Right Turn on Red in Wyoming: Legal Fundamentals

General Rule

In Wyoming, turning right on a red light is generally permitted unless there’s a sign specifically prohibiting it. A red traffic light signifies a complete stop. Drivers must come to a complete stop at the marked stop line, crosswalk, or before entering the intersection if neither is present. Once stopped, they can cautiously proceed to make a right turn only if the following conditions are met:

  • There’s no oncoming traffic in the lane they intend to turn into.
  • The path is clear of pedestrians or bicyclists crossing the intersection.
  • Turning right won’t cause them to impede the flow of traffic in the lane they’re turning into.
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Exceptions and Restrictions

While the general rule allows right turns on red in most situations, there are crucial exceptions to be aware of:

  • No Turn on Red Signs: Specific intersections might have signs explicitly prohibiting right turns on red. These signs often display a red circle with a white arrow pointing right overlaid with a red hand. Drivers must obey these signs and come to a complete stop until the light turns green.
  • Unprotected Right Turns: Even without a “No Turn on Red” sign, caution is necessary when making a right turn on red at an intersection with heavy oncoming traffic or limited visibility. It’s best to wait for a green light or a safe gap in traffic before proceeding.
  • Yielding to Pedestrians and Oncoming Traffic: The right turn on red rule doesn’ not an automatic right to turn. Drivers must always yield the right of way to pedestrians crossing the street in the direction they intend to turn and to oncoming traffic that has the green light.

Safe Right Turn on Red Maneuvers

Following these steps ensures a safe and legal right turn on red:

  1. Come to a Complete Stop: As with any red light, drivers must come to a complete stop before the marked stop line, crosswalk, or enter the intersection if there’s no designated line.
  2. Checking for Oncoming Traffic and Pedestrians: While stopped, drivers need to thoroughly check for oncoming traffic in the lane they intend to turn into, oncoming left-turning vehicles, and pedestrians crossing in all directions. Utilize the side and rearview mirrors and perform a visual check by turning their heads to ensure a clear path.
  3. Completing the Turn Safely: Only after confirming it’s safe to proceed can drivers cautiously make the right turn, signaling their intention well in advance.
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Penalties for Violating Right Turn on Red Rule

Failing to comply with the right turn on red rule in Wyoming can result in a traffic citation. The specific penalties may vary depending on the severity of the violation and the driver’s record. Generally, a right turn on red violation can lead to:

  • A fine
  • Points added to the driver’s license
  • Increased insurance premiums

In some cases, a right turn on red violation, especially if it leads to an accident, could result in more serious consequences, including:

  • Negligent driving charges
  • Suspension of driver’s license

Additional Considerations

Right Turn on Red at Flashing Red Light

A flashing red light typically indicates a four-way stop. In Wyoming, at an intersection controlled by a flashing red light, all vehicles approaching the intersection must come to a complete stop, then proceed when it is safe, yielding to any traffic already in the intersection or having the right-of-way. Right turns are allowed after a complete stop, following the same rules as a steady red light.

Right Turn on Red with a Motorcycle

Motorcyclists are granted the same rights and abide by the same regulations as other vehicles regarding the RTOR rule. It’s critical for other drivers to be extra vigilant. Due to their smaller profile, motorcycles can be more difficult to see.


Understanding the Wyoming right turn on red rule is essential for safe driving throughout the state. Remembering the general permission, recognizing limitations and exceptions, and practicing safe driving techniques contribute to efficient and secure traffic flow for all vehicles on the road.

Important Reminders:

  • The right turn on red rule doesn’t absolve drivers from their responsibility to ensure the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.
  • Traffic regulations in Wyoming may be updated periodically. It’s advisable for drivers to consult the official Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) website or resources for the most current traffic laws.
  • Always exercise caution and judgment before making a right turn on red. If in doubt, wait for a green light.
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Disclaimer: This article provides general information about Wyoming’s traffic laws. It’s not intended as a substitute for professional legal advice or official state resources. Always be mindful of traffic signs and specific conditions at intersections.

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