“Why Would You Give Your Son Your Stepfather’s Name?” A bride’s heartwarming response

When asked why she decided to name her first son after her stepfather, the woman responded with a priceless answer.

Chloe Benton, a social media influencer, is a proud mother of two children – her daughter Hattie and son John Witt. Born in December of 2023, John shares the same name as Chloe’s stepdad, a decision fueled by sincere love and gratitude for raising her as his own.

The caption initially reads, “Why would you name your son after your stepdad?”

As John gazes at Chloe, his breath catches in his throat. He is overwhelmed with emotion as he witnesses his little girl, now all grown up and prepared to utter the words, “I do.” In that heartfelt moment, Chloe presents John with a letter, adding to the significance of the occasion.

Bride’s Stepfather Gets Misty As He Reads Touching Letter on Her Wedding Day.

“A father is not simply the man who biologically creates a child, but rather the man who actively participates in their upbringing, offering his time and support, and loving them unconditionally,” states the heartfelt letter. “Biological ties do not automatically make someone a father. True fatherhood stems from the depths of the heart. I am grateful that you have chosen to be my dad.”

The stepdad is filled with pride as he reads the heartfelt note from the bride. His eyes well up with sentimental tears as he embraces her tightly, cherishing the special moment.

“This is why,” states the caption, providing an answer to Chloe’s query.

One follower expressed their admiration for stepdads, stating that they are often unrecognized heroes who don’t receive the credit they deserve.

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