US to provide Ukraine with $275M in new military assistance

The Biden administration has recently unveiled plans to provide Ukraine with an extra $275 million in military aid. This comes at a critical time as Kyiv faces challenges in defending against the encroaching Russian forces in the Kharkiv region.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that the package, which two U.S. officials previewed on Thursday, is intended to aid Ukraine in repelling Russia’s assault near Kharkiv.

“We have already delivered aid from previous packages to the front lines, and we will expedite the distribution of this new assistance so that the Ukrainian military can promptly utilize it to safeguard their territory and ensure the safety of the Ukrainian people,” stated Blinken.

“The defense of Ukraine’s freedom continues to be supported by the United States and the international coalition we have formed,” he declared.

The aid package includes a variety of military equipment, such as high-mobility artillery rocket systems (HIMARS) and different types of artillery rounds, including 155 mm and 105 mm high-demand rounds. Additionally, the package includes Javelin and AT-4 antitank systems, antitank mines, tactical vehicles, small arms, and ammunition for these weapons.

The U.S. has now given nearly $51 billion in military aid to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in February 2022.

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