Ukraine president urges West to pressure Russia for peace in Ukraine war

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, is calling on Western leaders to exert maximum pressure on Russia in order to achieve peace. He emphasizes the need to employ all available means to resolve the ongoing conflict.

During his speech in Spain, Mr. Zelensky emphasized the urgent need for concrete measures to pressure Russia, as the country continues its destructive agenda to undermine Ukraine and expand its influence.

Ukrainian President, Mr. Zelensky, has consistently maintained that he will only engage in direct negotiations with Russia once all Ukrainian territories, including Crimea, are free from Russian forces.

As Russia continues to make gains against Ukraine, Kyiv is facing a shortage of weapons supplied by the West. Despite this, his call remains significant.

According to President Zelensky, Ukraine is being subjected to a monthly barrage of approximately 3,200 guided aerial bombs from Russia.

During his visit to Madrid, he engaged with Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and raised an important question to the attending reporters: “How do you combat that?”

Ukraine’s leader has declined the proposal to invite Russia to an upcoming peace summit in Switzerland next month.

Representatives from over 90 countries are expected to attend the summit.

Delegates will attempt to chart a path towards a fair and enduring peace in Ukraine, guided by ten demands put forth by Kyiv. These demands include the return of all invaded territory, reparation payments for damages caused by the war, and the establishment of a special tribunal to hold Russia accountable for war crimes. However, Moscow has firmly rejected this plan.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is prepared to engage in discussions, but only with the intention of accomplishing the current objectives being pursued through the ongoing military operation, according to Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.

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During his visit to Madrid, Mr. Zelensky called upon Western leaders to remove restrictions on the use of donated weapons against internationally recognized Russian territory.

Western countries, including the US, have emphasized the need for Kyiv to target Russian forces that are currently occupying Ukrainian territory.

“We must collaborate and exert pressure on both Russia and our allies to grant us the means to defend ourselves against Russia,” emphasized the Ukrainian leader.

In order to receive billions of pounds worth of aid from Western allies, Kyiv must present its own vision for the resolution of this war.

President Zelensky previously released a “10-point peace plan,” which outlines the full withdrawal of Russian forces and provides assurances against any future acts of aggression by Russia.

Kyiv has always advocated for it, but the tone has shifted.

President Zelensky is feeling a sense of urgency at the summit in Switzerland. He is determined to gather global support for his terms and ignite international momentum.

The call for a complete Russian retreat has primarily come from Ukraine, with the West providing support in this pursuit. This summit presents an opportunity for Ukraine’s leader to make this demand non-negotiable for his allies as well, ensuring that the negotiating table is kept at bay.

As more nations participate, the Kremlin could experience increasing political pressure.

The hope is that, at the very least.

Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized the importance of a peace deal that accurately reflects the current situation on the battlefield. This reality entails ongoing military operations by Russian troops in Ukraine’s north-eastern Kharkiv region, leading to the capture of additional villages.

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For the past 18 months, his soldiers have been not only capturing territory, but also successfully maintaining control over it. There is no need for Russia or Vladimir Putin to make any compromises at this point.

Kyiv argues that any compromise or grey area only benefits Moscow. It highlights the failed ceasefires in the past decade of Russian aggression and the belief that Putin ultimately aims to annex the entirety of Ukraine while the world’s attention is elsewhere.

Ukrainian commanders assert their control over the situation, which is evident by President Zelensky’s decision to resume international travel.

His constant need to combat war fatigue and secure continued military and humanitarian aid has also fueled his trip to Madrid.

Spain’s recent announcement of a $1bn (£783m) package demonstrates that Mr. Zelensky’s diplomatic efforts are still yielding positive results.

In February 2022, President Putin initiated a comprehensive invasion of Ukraine.

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