Trump’s arrangements to sell Bibles, sneakers, and perfume are unique for a presidential candidate, said analysts

The source of this information is Truth Social.

Over the years, the businessman-turned-president has licensed a wide range of Trump-branded merchandise, including steaks and scented candles.

As his campaign funds decrease and his wealth faces challenges, Trump, who has always maintained a connection between his political and financial endeavors, is currently intertwining his business ventures with his White House campaign.

According to Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig, the current level of business activity during a presidential campaign is unprecedented. However, he notes that this trend has been gradually increasing over the years.

Brendan Fischer, the deputy executive director of Documented, a watchdog organization focused on money in politics, concurred.

According to Fischer, there is no other modern example of a presidential candidate actively promoting a range of goods for their personal gain.

According to Fischer, selling branded goods has been a long-standing activity for Trump, even before he entered politics. While such an activity might typically prompt a campaign finance investigation for an average candidate, it is unlikely to do so for Trump.

“He said Trump is a unique case.”

During a recent event, President Trump made a noteworthy announcement, introducing a one-of-a-kind item – a Bible priced at $60. This distinctive edition not only contains copies of the United States’ founding documents but also features the lyrics of Lee Greenwood’s popular song, “God Bless the U.S.A.”

Greenwood’s song, which he is collaborating with Trump to promote the expensive holy book, is frequently played at the campaign rallies of the presumptive Republican nominee.

In a video announcing the promotion, Trump explicitly emphasized the connection to his campaign, cautioning about the threat to Americans’ rights. He confidently declared, “we’re gonna get it turned around,” while invoking his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” multiple times.

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According to a person familiar with the arrangement, it is unclear the exact amount of money that Trump is earning from the Bible. However, he is receiving royalties from its sales, and whatever he receives will ultimately go into his pocket.

According to the Bibles website, they have no association with Trump’s campaign. Instead, they have obtained a paid license from a company called CIC Ventures LLC to use Trump’s name, likeness, and image.

According to Trump’s 2023 financial disclosure, he is identified as the “Manager, President, Secretary, & Treasurer” of CIC Ventures. The disclosure further reveals that his revocable trust is the sole owner of the company. Notably, Trump has earned over $5 million from speaking engagements facilitated by CIC Ventures. Interestingly, Florida business records indicate that CIC Ventures shares the same address as Trump’s golf club in West Palm Beach, Florida.

According to Lessig, it seems that Trump’s business maneuvers are not in violation of campaign ethics or financial regulations.

According to the professor, there are no ethical concerns as long as the necessary reporting requirements are followed.

He added that there might be a strategic or brand issue with it, but that is common in any political speech.

According to Steven Cheung, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, these successful business deals are entirely separate from the campaign.

During Holy Week, a sacred time for Christians, Trump gave his Biblical endorsement. It is worth noting that this endorsement came shortly after Trump’s visit to a sneaker convention in Philadelphia where he introduced his own line of tennis shoes.

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Former President Donald Trump, who is also a Republican presidential candidate, gave a speech during the Sneaker Con event at the Philadelphia Convention Center on February 17, 2024. He was introducing his new line of signature shoes to the audience in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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The Trump Sneakers collection, appropriately named, is currently available for pre-order at prices ranging from $199 to $399. Among the available styles, two feature the number 45, representing Trump’s role as the 45th President of the United States.

The website that sells the sneakers also promotes Trump-branded “Victory47” cologne and perfume, priced at $99 each.

The cologne’s description on the site states that “‘Victory’ is a fragrance that embodies strength and success, packaged in a lavish gold bottle.”

Trump’s presence at the convention blurred the distinction between campaign outreach and capitalist enterprise even more.

“We’re going to quickly transform this country. We won’t forget about the young people, and we won’t forget about Sneaker Con,” he confidently declared to the audience, who responded with a combination of applause and disapproval.

According to the sneaker site, the brand “Trump” and its corresponding design are trademarks owned by CIC Ventures. It is mentioned that Trump has authorized the use of his name and likeness to 45Footwear LLC, a company registered in Wyoming, known for its affordability in starting businesses.

According to the site, the shoes are not created, manufactured, or distributed by Trump or the Trump Organization.

The Biden campaign continues to outpace Trump’s political operation in fundraising, prompting the GOP nominee to consider the possibility of injecting his own funds into the race. However, it should be noted that he did not contribute his own money during the 2020 campaign.

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Trump’s deadline for posting a $175 million appeal bond to prevent New York from collecting on a $454 million civil fraud judgment is rapidly approaching. He has already submitted a $91.6 million bond while appealing another civil case in which he was held responsible for defaming writer E. Jean Carroll.

According to The New York Times, Trump is currently facing 91 criminal charges in four different courts. His first trial is scheduled to begin on April 15. Since leaving office in 2021, Trump has already spent over $100 million on his legal fees. However, it is worth noting that none of this money has come directly from his own pocket.

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