Trump pledges to protect NRA and guarantee no infringement on gun ownership if elected

During his speech at the National Rifle Association event, Donald Trump assured members that their firearms would be protected under his presidency. He made a strong commitment to rolling back the gun restrictions implemented during the Biden administration, promising that no one would be allowed to touch their guns.

“I will put an end to every single attack that Biden has made against gun owners and manufacturers as soon as I return to office, maybe even on my first day,” stated Trump confidently at the NRA’s Presidential Forum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Former President pledges to reverse Biden administration’s ‘Zero-Tolerance’ policy on revoking federal licenses from firearm dealers who violate gun laws. Additionally, he promises to eliminate regulations on pistol braces, which have been linked to gun massacres.

In response to Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents, Trump emphasized that if Biden is not going to face charges, he believes he should not be charged either.

“This is simply an instance of targeted persecution against me, Biden’s political opponent,” Trump expressed, while acknowledging that he doesn’t hold Biden responsible for it since he believes Biden is unaware of his own existence.

In response to allegations of non-cooperation with federal investigators, Trump contends that he provided more assistance than Biden did. However, Hur’s report presents a contrasting view, suggesting that Trump purportedly delayed the return of classified documents and instructed others to destroy evidence and provide false statements.

In a recent statement, Trump commented on the conclusion made by the special counsel regarding Biden’s handling of classified documents. The investigation determined that no criminal charges were necessary, partly due to the perception of Biden as an elderly man with a poor memory who had no ill intentions behind his actions.

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In 2015, Trump initially spoke to the gun rights organization. Throughout his presidency and presidential campaign, he maintained a close relationship with the NRA. However, the NRA, despite being the leading gun group in the nation, has recently faced internal conflicts, controversies, and financial challenges.

The New York Attorney General, Tish James, is currently suing the NRA and its executive leaders on multiple civil corruption charges. In recent news, Wayne LaPierre, the long-standing leader of the influential gun rights organization, stepped down amidst allegations of mishandling funds to support his extravagant lifestyle. LaPierre has vehemently denied these accusations and cited health issues as the reason for his departure, as stated by the NRA president.

During his time in the White House, Trump was a strong advocate for easing gun restrictions when it came to activities such as hunting and fishing on public lands. He went as far as declaring gun stores, shooting ranges, and weapons manufacturers as “essential services” during the pandemic. Additionally, Trump made it a priority to appoint over 200 federal judges who had conservative views and records when it came to upholding Second Amendment rights.

But Trump and the NRA occasionally had conflicting views. Trump actively supported the implementation of Extreme Risk Protection Orders, also known as Red Flag laws, which empower individuals to seek a court order to prevent a potentially dangerous person from obtaining or possessing a firearm. Additionally, the Trump administration took action to ban bump stocks, a firearm accessory that allows semi-automatic weapons to mimic machine guns. These devices have been utilized in some of the most devastating mass shootings.

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John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety, expressed concern over the potential impact of a second term for Trump. In response to Trump’s remarks about school shootings, Feinblatt stated, “With Trump recently telling Americans to ‘get over’ school shootings, we know what a second term would be like: The NRA would once again treat the White House like its clubhouse, and the bipartisan, life-saving progress we’ve made on gun safety will be in grave danger.” Feinblatt’s statement highlights the fear that a Trump presidency could undermine the progress made on gun safety and give the NRA undue influence.

During his speech, Trump emphasized the importance of addressing crucial issues that extend beyond the boundaries of Pennsylvania. He specifically highlighted concerns surrounding crime and illegal immigration at the Southern border.

In just two weeks, Trump will be facing off against Nikki Haley in the South Carolina primary. Trump secured the Republican delegates from Nevada after winning the caucus on Thursday night. While Trump focused on Nevada, Haley opted to participate in the primary there, even though it does not allocate any delegates for the presidential nominating process.

“We are confident that we will emerge victorious in the South Carolina primary,” Trump confidently predicted. “Our lead is a substantial 42 points.”

In a recent Washington Post-Monmouth University poll, it was revealed that Trump has a commanding 26-point lead over Haley in South Carolina.

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