Trump endorses line of Bibles — after selling shoes, NFTs and more

Former President Donald Trump is currently promoting his latest venture, the “God Bless the USA Bible,” just in time for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. This new addition adds to the extensive line of branded merchandise that the real estate mogul and former reality TV star has profited from throughout his political career and even prior to that.

The Bible, which is the sole Bible to receive an endorsement from President Trump, is being sold for $59.99. This remarkable piece of literature draws inspiration from the iconic country musician Lee Greenwood’s song “God Bless the USA.” On its website, the Bible is described as a testament to patriotism and faith.

The book includes not only the King James version of the Bible but also a handwritten rendition of the chorus to ‘God Bless the USA,’ the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Pledge of Allegiance, according to its website.

The website clarifies that this Bible is not under the ownership, management, or control of Trump, the Trump Organization, or any affiliated entities.

Rather than directly endorsing the Bible, it adopts a different approach by utilizing Trump’s “name, likeness, and image under paid license” via his licensing company. This implies that Trump receives a portion of the Bible’s profits, which is a familiar arrangement for the former president.

According to the website, the new product is explicitly stated to be “not political” and emphasizes that it has no connection with any political campaign. It is important to note that the proceeds from this product do not contribute to the 2024 Trump campaign.

In response to Trump’s latest brand deal, the Biden campaign wasted no time in labeling him as “a fraud.”

“The choice for voters this November is crystal clear. Joe Biden genuinely cares about delivering for the American people, while Donald Trump’s priorities lie solely in delivering for himself,” expressed Ammar Moussa, a spokesperson for Biden, in an interview with ABC News.

According to Trump himself, his business success is a contributing factor to his effectiveness as a politician.

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The exact financial gains that Trump has made or will make from this branded Bible are still unknown. Additionally, the ownership and management of the sales remain unclear, except for the fact that the website is copyrighted under the entity “2024 God Bless the USA Bible.”

In a video shared on his social media platform, Trump expressed his support for the Bible and emphasized the importance of having one in every American home. He stated, “Every American should have a Bible in their home, and I personally own many.”

He continued by saying, “This Bible is not only my favorite book but also a favorite for many others. It serves as a powerful reminder that the key to bringing back America and making it great again lies in our faith and religion.”

In a previous interview back in 2015, Trump expressed his fondness for the Bible, stating that it holds great significance to him. However, he chose not to delve into specific verses at the time.

During a speech in 2016, he referred to one of the books of the Bible as “Two Corinthians,” instead of its more commonly known name, Second Corinthians. He attributed this slip to the inaccurate notes he had been given.

Former President Donald Trump, known for his business acumen and television career, has consistently capitalized on branding opportunities to generate profits. This includes ventures such as his short-lived line of “Trump Steaks,” which garnered attention and garnered sales, despite their temporary availability.

Amid mounting financial pressures and a significant campaign cash disadvantage against his rival Joe Biden, Donald Trump is now attracting renewed attention to his business ventures. The President is currently required to post a $175 million bond to cover a civil fraud judgment in New York, a claim that he vehemently denies.

Critics within the Christian community expressed their disapproval of Trump’s actions, deeming his commodification of the Bible as problematic. They raised concerns that the profits from this endeavor might be allocated towards his mounting legal expenses, which could potentially offend his religious followers.

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The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump organization, recently brought back an advertisement from 2022. The ad had accused Trump of soliciting funds from his supporters and diverting the money towards his own businesses. According to the ad, Trump’s latest scheme involved using the Bible as a means to raise hundreds of millions in legal costs. The ad also mocked Trump’s alleged lack of familiarity with the Bible, suggesting that he had never even read a single page of it.

In addition to the new Bible he is promoting, he is also taking the time to showcase other unique merchandise on the campaign trail.

In a recent event, Trump introduced a licensed merchandise called the “Never Surrender High-Top” at SneakerCon in Philadelphia. This stylish sneaker features a golden design with a prominent “T” badge and an American flag wrapping around the collar.

During the event, Trump’s campaign seamlessly merged with his business ventures as he personally autographed a few pairs of high-top sneakers. He then graced the stage, using the opportunity to promote the sneakers while delivering his campaign remarks.

The “Never Surrender High-Top” sneakers, made of gold, were available for purchase online at a price of $399.99, along with a range of other Trump-branded shoes and fragrances.

According to the “Trump Sneakers” website, the Trump shoes and fragrances were licensed to use his name and trademarks. However, they were not designed, manufactured, distributed, or sold by Trump and the Trump Organization.

The God Bless the USA Bible and the Trump sneakers were authorized to use Trump’s branding through a company called CIC Ventures LLC. According to Trump’s financial disclosure report, the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust owns 100% of CIC Ventures LLC.

CIC Ventures LLC, also known as “Commander In Chief Ventures,” seems to be the entity responsible for funneling millions of dollars in royalties to Trump. These royalties were earned from the book “Our Journey Together,” a collection of photographs taken by Trump’s official White House photographer. The book was published by Gold Standard Publishing LLC and sold through Winning Team Publishing, a publishing company co-founded by Donald Trump Jr.

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Former President’s financial disclosures reveal that the royalties are disclosed under the original title of the book, “A MAGA Journey.”

According to his disclosure reports, Donald Trump also earns millions of dollars annually in speaking engagement fees through CIC Ventures LLC.

CIC Ventures, which was previously overseen by former Trump White House aide Nick Luna, is currently represented by Trump attorney John B. Marion, as per its entity registration filing in Florida.

Trump and Melania Trump, the former first lady, have earned a staggering $700,000 from Trump-branded digital trading cards. These unique tokens, known as NFTs, have gained immense popularity. The digital trading cards depict Trump in various forms, including a superhero cartoon character, while Melania’s cards showcase elegant watercolor paintings of herself and beautiful flowers. The couple’s foray into the world of NFTs has proved to be highly lucrative.

In the midst of facing multiple criminal charges, Donald Trump, who vehemently denies all allegations, found an opportunity to capitalize on his indictment in Georgia. He did so by promoting digital trading cards that showcased his booking photo from the Fulton County Jail. These unique cards were made available for purchase at a price of $99 each.

Customers who visited the website had the chance to win a physical trading card that showcased a fragment of the suit he wore in his booking photo. Moreover, they were also given the opportunity to enjoy a dinner with him at his prestigious Mar-a-Lago club.

The trading card website clarified that the cards were not associated with the campaign. However, the Trump campaign also took advantage of the mug shot from Fulton County, generating over $9 million in just a few days by selling different merchandise such as coffee mugs, T-shirts, and posters.

Donald Trump has been able to generate significant profits by licensing his trademark to various businesses, both domestically and internationally. Notably, he has expanded his brand presence in foreign countries such as China, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

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