Truckers for Trump will boycott driving to New York City after a $355 million fraud ruling

Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, appeared on “Sunday Morning Futures” to talk about the Democrats’ supposed use of government as a weapon and the ongoing crisis at the southern border of the United States.

A group of truck drivers, who are ardent supporters of former President Trump, recently made a collective decision not to drive to New York City. This action serves as a form of expressing their deep disappointment regarding the recent civil fraud judgment that imposed a hefty fine of over $350 million on Trump.

In a recent development, New York has barred Trump from operating his business for a period of three years. Additionally, he has been found liable for a staggering $350 million in damages in a civil fraud case. The case was brought against him, his family, and the Trump Organization by New York Attorney General Letitia James. This decision has stirred a significant response and has raised concerns about the future of Trump’s business ventures.

In a recent development, New York Judge Arthur Engoron has delivered his ruling on Friday following a lengthy trial that commenced in October. This trial was a result of James’ lawsuit against the former president, where she accused him of exaggerating his assets and engaging in fraudulent activities.

Many pro-Trump truck drivers across the country have not taken the ruling lightly. They have expressed their strong discontent and frustration with the decision.

“I am just one of the millions of truckers who have a strong belief in God and a deep love for this country,” expressed “Chicago Ray,” a trucker on X, formerly Twitter. He further emphasized, “I support Trump because he supports me. Truckers for Trump is not just a slogan, it represents a genuine commitment.”

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On February 16, when the ruling was announced, Chicago Ray immediately took action. He urged his fellow truckers to join him in a boycott against delivering shipments to New York City.

Ray, who had been engaging with drivers on the radio for the past hour, shared his insights. According to him, he had already spoken to approximately 10 drivers. Although Ray was unsure about the extent of this sentiment across the country or the number of truckers who might refuse loads destined for New York City, he made this strong statement: “If you continue to play games, be prepared to face the consequences.”

The truck driver reiterated his warning, emphasizing the need to leave Trump alone. He strongly believed that the ongoing fraud investigation in New York City was nothing short of “election interference.”

Trump is facing challenges in his daytime campaign events as the GOP front-runner. However, according to sources, nothing will deter him from pursuing his goals.

A user expressed gratitude for being a true patriot and emphasized the importance of all patriots standing up to make a difference. They called for pushing back against those intentionally seeking to destroy our country.

Chicago Ray is not the sole individual who has voiced their support for Trump and their opposition to the civil fraud ruling.

Elena Cardone, the wife of wealthy real estate investor Grant Cardone, has taken action by creating a GoFundMe page titled “Stand with Trump; Fund the $355M Unjust Judgment.” According to her husband’s statement on X, the intention behind this initiative is to support President Trump’s defense against what they perceive as an unjust judgment. Grant Cardone further emphasized that all funds raised will be directed towards the Trump organization.

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Emotions ran high as the crowd erupted with excitement when President Trump made an unexpected appearance at a sneaker convention. The atmosphere was electric, with attendees expressing their delight and surprise at seeing the President in person. The unexpected visit created a buzz of energy as people eagerly gathered around to catch a glimpse of Trump and engage in lively discussions.

In a statement, Cardone expressed his unwavering support for President Donald Trump, highlighting what he perceives as unjust treatment by certain judicial elements in New York. He firmly stands by the President, emphasizing his belief that the treatment towards Trump is unprecedented and unfair.

“The current legal battles he is confronting not only target him personally, but also undermine the fundamental principles of fairness and due process that should be afforded to every American,” he expressed.

The fundraiser has already collected almost $310,000 since its launch.

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