Tracy Spiridakos Opens Up About Her Departure from ‘Chicago P.D.’ and Teases Emotional Season 11 Finale (EXCLUSIVE)

Tracy Spiridakos bids farewell to her character Hailey Upton. In anticipation of the finale on May 22, the talented actor from “Chicago P.D.” is finally addressing her choice to depart from the show after Season 11.

In an exclusive report, it has been confirmed that Tracy Spiridakos, known for her role in the hit series ‘Chicago P.D.’, will be leaving the show after Season 11. This news comes as a surprise to fans who have grown to love her character and her dynamic portrayal.

Tracy Spiridakos joined the cast of ‘Chicago P.D.’ in Season 5, playing the role of Detective Hailey Upton. Her character quickly became a fan favorite, known for her strength, determination, and unwavering dedication to her job. Throughout her time on the show, Spiridakos has delivered outstanding performances, capturing the essence of her character in every scene.

The decision for Spiridakos to depart from ‘Chicago P.D.’ was a mutual agreement between the actress and the show’s producers. While it is always sad to see a beloved character leave a long-running series, it is important to note that this opens up new opportunities for both Spiridakos and the show itself.

As fans bid farewell to Detective Hailey Upton, they can rest assured that the show will continue to deliver gripping storylines and compelling characters. The departure of Tracy Spiridakos presents an opportunity for fresh narratives and the introduction of new faces to the ‘Chicago P.D.’ family.

In a recent interview with Variety, Spiridakos, who has been a part of the Dick Wolf police drama since Season 4, shares that she approached showrunner Gwen Sigan at the conclusion of Season 10 to express her desire for the upcoming season to be her final one.

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“I reached out to Gwen and everyone at Wolf at the end of my sixth season to let them know that I wanted to do one more year. I wanted to give the character a proper send-off with a final season,” Spiridakos explains. “It was a tough decision, really tough. I have so much love for everyone on the show – the cast, crew, producers, writers, everyone. We have such an amazing team. I was just curious to explore other opportunities and wanted to make a change, and that’s why I made the decision.”

Spiridakos, who will have appeared in 140 episodes of “Chicago P.D.” by the end, believes that Upton possesses two qualities that she aspires to embody even after leaving the show.

She expresses admiration for her vulnerability and sees it as a source of strength. In contrast, she admits that she struggles with being vulnerable and often resorts to making awkward jokes. She appreciates how her friend embraces her true self without seeking validation from others. These qualities have had a positive impact on her, especially in terms of becoming more open and vulnerable.

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The viewers will get to see Hailey in one more episode for now. The finale will continue from where the previous episode left off, with the squad searching desperately for Voight, who has been kidnapped by the serial killer, Frank Matson. As Voight is her closest confidant, Hailey will do everything she can to locate him.

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Intriguingly, the character experiences a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from intense fear of losing her partner to channeling that fear and anxiety into her work. She puts forth every effort to outsmart Matson, demonstrating her determination and dedication. The entire team is equally committed, doing everything within their power to achieve their goal.

The finale is filled with intense moments and moves at a rapid pace, according to Spiridakos. Throughout the episode, viewers will find themselves on the edge of their seats, as there is hardly a moment to sit down. The characters also showcase their vulnerability in ways that haven’t been seen before, adding an emotional depth to the finale.

The season finale of “Chicago P.D.” is set to air on NBC on Wednesday, May 22, at 10 p.m. ET. The show is produced by Wolf Entertainment and Universal Television.

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