The UK Alarmed as Ukraine War Undergoes Shift

British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps has highlighted that the recent setbacks faced by Ukraine in its ongoing war with invading Russian forces should serve as a wake-up call for the democratic world.

Over the course of more than two years since Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the order to invade, Moscow has achieved a series of advancements in eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile, Kyiv has faced difficulties on the battlefield due to a lack of ammunition and a reduction in military aid from its allies.

Lieutenant General Oleksandr Pavliuk, the leader of Ukraine’s ground forces, has revealed that Ukrainian troops are currently engaged in intense efforts to stabilize their positions and regroup. Their aim is to lay a solid foundation for crucial counteroffensive operations that are planned for later this year.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps delivered a strong message about the ongoing war during his visit to Kyiv. In a video shared on Friday, he called on Ukraine’s Western allies to step up and provide the necessary resources for the nation to defeat the dictatorial regime of Putin. Shapps emphasized the urgency of the situation, issuing a wake-up call to the international community.

“I am the British defense secretary, currently in Kyiv to sound the alarm,” expresses Shapps in the video. He poses a thought-provoking question, “What message would it send if we allow a democratic nation to be seized by a dictator like Putin? What does it imply about our cherished principles of freedom and democracy?”

“We don’t have to accept this situation as it is, as we possess the same resources as the West if we have the determination,” he emphasizes. “This serves as a reminder to the entire world. Let us ensure that Ukraine emerges victorious in this conflict.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps recently visited Kyiv for a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. During the meeting, Shapps made a significant announcement, revealing that the U.K. plans to allocate around $160 million towards the manufacturing of over 10,000 military drones for Ukraine. This substantial investment aims to enhance Ukraine’s defense capabilities and support its ongoing efforts in maintaining national security.

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“Drones are revolutionizing the war in Ukraine,” Shapps exclaimed on X. “That’s why the UK is stepping up its provision of drones to the frontline … As a result, we will be supplying Ukraine with over 10,000 new drones, solidifying our position as Ukraine’s primary drone supplier.”

The delivery of additional military aid from the U.S. to Ukraine is currently facing delays in Congress. President Joe Biden’s proposed $60 billion aid package has been unable to progress due to ongoing partisan disputes that have persisted for months.

During a House hearing in late February, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin issued a dire warning that emphasized the crucial need for passing the aid. He cautioned that the failure to do so could result in Ukraine’s defeat, and further predicted that Russia would exploit this vulnerability to expand its influence across Europe. Austin went on to assert that such aggressive actions could potentially escalate into a global conflict, with Russia even initiating an attack on a NATO nation.

“We are aware that if Putin achieves his objectives in this situation, he will not halt his efforts,” Austin expressed. “He will persist in taking even more assertive actions in the surrounding area… To be honest, if Ukraine is overrun, I firmly believe that NATO will be confronted with a conflict against Russia.”

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