The Game Suggests Diddy May Have Tried to Arrange Drake’s Murder Over a Beat

During a recent interview with Vlad TV, The Game shared some intriguing insights.

During my conversation with Vlad, I had the chance to discuss the rumored beef between Diddy and Drake. While it has never been officially confirmed, there have been speculations within the industry that Diddy had assaulted Drake. The Game, however, shed some light on their past feud and hinted that Diddy might have been trying to scheme against Drake in Los Angeles.

The Game revealed that there was a dispute between him and Diddy in Miami outside of LIV over a small matter. According to Vlad, the root of their beef can be traced back to the “Started From The Bottom” beat, which was originally intended for Diddy but ended up being used by Drake. The Game expressed his uncertainty about what Diddy would have done with that beat, as it has a distinct Drake-like sound. He also mentioned that there were rumors circulating in Los Angeles about Drake’s presence and the possibility of someone confronting him. While he didn’t directly accuse Diddy, he hinted at the complexities of the situation in L.A.

He continued, “When there are beefs or situations, certain people get called, and I’m one of those people. So, I provided Drake with some information. I don’t know where it came from, but that’s like my brother, so I hit him up and told him, ‘Yo, this is what it is, but you know I got you.’”

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On Friday, CNN released a disturbing surveillance video showing Cassie Ventura, now 37, leaving a hotel room and heading towards an elevator. Diddy, now 54, runs down the hallway in only a towel, violently grabs her by the neck, causing her to fall. He then kicks Cassie while she lies still before snatching her purse and suitcase.

In the footage, Cassie remains on the ground as Combs kicks her again and pulls her by her hoodie, dragging her briefly down the hallway before releasing her and taking her belongings. Shortly after, Combs comes back to grab Ventura near the elevator and then sits in a nearby chair, picks up an object from a table, and throws it at her. As he walks away, Combs turns back towards Ventura when the elevator door opens, and someone exits.

Since the footage was released, multiple celebrities have spoken out about Diddy and his violent behavior. The Game’s interview came before the footage was released, but fans were shocked to hear the rapper say people were attempting to set Drake up during his beef with the mogul.

Multiple celebrities have spoken out about Diddy and his violent behavior since the release of the footage. The Game’s interview, conducted before the footage was made public, surprised fans as the rapper claimed that there were attempts to set up Drake during his feud with Diddy.

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