The chief of staff of the RNC is leaving

Mike Reed, the chief of staff for the Republican National Committee, will be stepping down from his position later this month.

Reed, who has been the chief of staff at the committee since January 2022, announced in an email to staff on Tuesday that he would be stepping down. In the email, which was obtained by POLITICO, he explained his decision, stating that he wanted to prioritize his growing family, who he believes deserves his attention.

According to two individuals who are knowledgeable about the matter, Reed’s transition has been in progress for approximately one year. They revealed that he officially accepted his new position at Cornerstone, a firm specializing in government relations and public affairs, last autumn. However, he made the decision to stay at the RNC until the committee’s winter meeting in Las Vegas, which took place last week.

Amidst increasing speculation, there are indications that former President Donald Trump, who is currently the leading candidate for the Republican Party nomination, may seek changes in the committee’s leadership. Reed himself recognized this timing factor in his message to the committee’s staff.

In a recent statement, Reed acknowledged the timing of the news, which coincides with numerous rumors circulating in the press and the upcoming merger with the presumed nominee. However, he reassured everyone that the RNC remains in a remarkably strong position.

Trump had a meeting with RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel at his Mar-a-Lago estate on Monday. This meeting took place one day after his interview with Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo,” where he mentioned the possibility of “changes” at the RNC. Following his meeting with McDaniel, the former president shared a post on Truth Social. However, he did not directly address whether McDaniel would continue serving as chair until the election.

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In a recent message, Trump informed his followers that Ronna has taken charge of the RNC, and he will be announcing his recommendations for RNC Growth right after the South Carolina Primary.

Reed discussed the possibility of making changes to his team of note staff members.

“We were aware that there would be changes once we had a presumptive nominee, and we are open to them,” he expressed. “Chairman McDaniel has had productive discussions with President Trump in recent days and weeks. If he becomes the nominee, she will ensure a smooth transition for our organization.”

Ronna McDaniel, chosen by Trump himself to lead the RNC following his victory in the 2016 election, holds the distinction of being the longest-serving RNC chair in modern history. Despite their longstanding alliance, there has been a strain in the relationship between the former president and the committee. Trump has criticized the RNC for organizing primary debates, which he chose not to take part in. He believes that the committee should prioritize matters concerning voter integrity instead.

Trump’s supporters have also expressed worry over the RNC’s fundraising efforts. By the end of last year, the RNC only had $8 million in their accounts, which is significantly less than what the Democratic National Committee possesses.

Reed did not disclose the identity of his successor. In a statement, McDaniel praised her departing chief of staff as “a composed and reliable presence.”

“I will miss Mike’s guidance and the presence of our staff,” she expressed. “However, I am genuinely thrilled and excited for his upcoming journey, which will allow him to dedicate more time to his wife, Alice, and their wonderful children.”

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Campbell Kaufman, the president of Cornerstone, expressed his excitement about the recent addition of Mike to the team. In a statement, Kaufman mentioned that having Mike on board is a significant milestone for the firm, and he couldn’t be more delighted about this new addition.

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