Texas sheriff highlights successes of Operation Lone Star three years in

Three years into Operation Lone Star, a Texas sheriff is showcasing the accomplishments of his deputies in their efforts to combat cartel-related crime. The deputies have been actively involved in a multi-county operation dedicated to addressing the security concerns along the Texas border.

Retired Sheriff Kelly R. Janica played a pivotal role as one of the founding members of the Operation Lone Star Task Force, led by Goliad Sheriff Roy Boyd. Despite being in semi-retirement, Janica stepped up to fill an open sheriff’s seat in December 2021, and subsequently joined Boyd’s OLS task force. This task force comprises law enforcement officers from around 30 agencies across almost 20 counties, all united in their commitment to combat cartel-related trafficking and smuggling operations.

Janica expressed in a video produced by his office that these brave individuals are being sent into dangerous situations on a daily basis. The purpose of the video is to inform county residents and the people of Texas about the accomplishments and perilous nature of the task force’s work. The video showcases deputies actively preventing cartel-related crimes, participating in intense car chases, and engaging in daring rescues. Additionally, the video includes a clip from a commencement speech delivered by former President Donald Trump at Liberty University in 2017. In his speech, Trump offers words of encouragement to graduates and all Americans, urging them to never give up.

“Sheriff Shannon Srubar and I are the final two links in the enforcement chain on US 59,” Janica emphasized. “Our dedication lies in upholding criminal law enforcement within our counties. We will not grant the cartels any opportunity to establish a presence. We will not tolerate the use of our county for stash houses and staging areas. Nor will we permit them unrestricted passage through our counties, enabling them to victimize other Texans.”

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Jackson County Sheriff Kelly Janica, who was one of the initial participants in the Operation Lone Star Task Force formed by Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd, has made it his unwavering mission to safeguard the residents of his county, as well as all Texans and Americans. As Sheriff Janica prepares to retire this year, his dedication to protecting the community remains strong.

OLS task force members in Jackson and Wharton counties play a crucial role in intercepting smugglers linked to cartels before they can reach Fort Bend and Harris counties to the north. Often referred to as the “linebackers,” these dedicated law enforcement agents serve as the last line of defense against illegal activities. Unfortunately, law enforcement agencies in the “end zone” counties are not currently collaborating with the OLS task force.

The members of the OLS task force have made it their mission to fight against traffickers who are involved in the illegal activities of human trafficking, arms smuggling, drug trafficking, and money laundering. Their primary focus is on the highways 281, 77, and 59 that connect Houston and the surrounding areas. Throughout their operations, Janica’s deputies have demonstrated exceptional skills in recovering stolen vehicles. In fact, in their first year alone, they successfully apprehended over 100 stolen vehicles, a remarkable achievement for a small county like theirs.

According to Janica, the stolen vehicles being used are primarily sourced from Harris County. She explains that cartels are employing fugitives to drive these vehicles to the border, where they pick up illegal aliens and transport them back to Houston.

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They are not only catching stolen cars, but they are also intercepting attempted smuggling incidents.

His deputies also apprehended Hondurans who they suspected had unlawfully crossed the border and were being transported to North Carolina by smugglers. According to Janica, the Hondurans claimed to be a family, but he expressed skepticism, stating, “we don’t buy that story for a second.”

Janica explained that under normal circumstances, his deputy would have arrested the driver and front passenger for human smuggling if federal law were being enforced. However, they were unable to make the arrests because Border Patrol refused to pick them up. Additionally, the individuals had been provided with court dates in 2026.

Janica, in an interview with The Center Square, expressed his concerns about the Biden administration’s approach to immigration. According to him, the administration is working on a plan to bring people into the country through a court proceeding within a span of three years and then relocating them to North Carolina. Janica strongly criticized these policies, describing them as a complete disaster. He further accused the federal government of being complicit in what he referred to as “legalized smuggling.”

Janica stated that in addition to the various types of stops, his deputies have also been engaged in perilous high-speed car chases and bailouts in Jackson and other counties that are part of the OLS program. She emphasized that this kind of activity has become commonplace throughout south Texas, as crime rates have surged dramatically in the years 2021 and 2022.

According to Janica, the effectiveness of Gov. Greg Abbott and the Texas legislature’s response to the situation was greatly enhanced by their allocation of resources and funds. She emphasized the importance of having “like-minded motivated sheriffs” who were committed to the cause, stating that their collective efforts have yielded positive results. Although patrols are still ongoing, there has been a noticeable decrease in apprehensions.

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Referring to Texas’ successful efforts in halting the invasion in Eagle Pass, the governor proclaimed, “We are now prepared to persist in our battle for Texas.” It was reported by The Center Square that these efforts have effectively shifted illegal activity to neighboring states lacking similar operations.

Janica has a wealth of experience in law enforcement and emergency management. He previously held the position of sheriff in Jackson County from 1988 to 2005 and also served as the county’s emergency management coordinator. Janica was appointed as sheriff by the county commissioners to complete the term of the previous sheriff who had stepped down.

Edna Police Chief Rick Boone, who has previously held positions on the Edna City Council and as chief deputy at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, ran for the position to succeed Janica. He successfully won his unopposed primary election and is projected to be elected in November. Boone, in a recent OLS task force meeting in Goliad, expressed his intention to maintain the county’s participation in the task force.

More than 100 Texas sheriffs, including Boyd, Janica, and Srubar, lend their support to OLS. They firmly believe that current federal policies have led to an unsecure border and a deliberate, destructive, and inhumane violation of Texas and federal law.

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